Nanobot Mesh May Just be the Best Helldivers 2 Idea that Could Quickly Fix the Heavy Armor Problem, but Arrowhead Probably Won’t Bother as It’ll make the Fight for Freedom Too Easy

A player that wants some changes.

nanobot mesh in helldivers 2


  • Helldivers 2 players are eager to see some changes to the game's very complicated equipment.
  • A Reddit user proposed to add a passive skill to the heavy armor to make this item more useful by not dying so easily.
  • When equipped with this armor, this perk will regenerate life.
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With a very large player base, Helldivers 2 is always changing by adding new perks, equipment, or adjustments to certain weapons and gear in the game. In a recent post on Reddit, a very angry player proposed to make a change to the classic heavy armor that was never very good regarding movement on the battlefield, making it very hard to survive after the straight attacks of the enemies. 


This particular user proposed a new perk that will add a passive skill to the armor, making it easier to regenerate and not die with this armor equipped.

Helldivers 2 Fans Want Some Changes

Helldivers 2 players are suggesting changes to certain equipment.
Helldivers 2 players are suggesting changes to certain equipment.

Arrowhead Game Studios, the team behind Helldivers 2, has always chosen the challenge against anything else, making this game very difficult for lone warriors, so the player could only face this mission with an entire squad to make things more accessible. The players have already adapted to the game’s difficulty. The community is very active and ready to suggest changes for certain equipment that could work.


A user on Reddit recommended a change for certain equipment that is not always so useful in battle: heavy armor. This user said that this armor is useless in battle because all the players end up being killed because the armor moves very slowly on the battlefield.

Amor Idea: Nanobot Mesh
byu/Awkward-Ad5506 inHelldivers

This user said that it would be very useful to add a passive skill to the armor to make survival possible. The player’s regeneration is accelerated to avoid being killed.


Certain Equipment Needs Adjustments

Arrowhead Game Studios, did not really make thing easier to players.
Arrowhead Game Studios did not really make things easier for players.

This user also drew a comparison to the well-known Crysis Nanosuit, which has the ability to regenerate its wearer’s body over time. With this technology, players can enhance their abilities and combat with a variety of skills, such as increased strength, speed, and even camouflage. This user recommended that the heavy armor had a passive skill that restored life with time. Many other members of the community also desire changes to this armor.

Feedback and discussion with the Helldivers 2 community are always active. Players want that the weapons and equipment be adjusted, so several pieces of gear need to be improved to make the gameplay and the mission more accessible. Helldivers 2 has a great number of concurrent players every day; the total is more than 200,000 players. It is only obvious to fans to make suggestions for the studio to add to the game.

The studio behind the game is always working on new content for the title, after the amazing revelation that the game sold more than 12,000,000 units around the world. This is far from studio expectations; the director, Johan Pilestedt, even said that they have no idea that the game will get that popular. The upcoming content of the game says that it will add new enemies, vehicles, and other equipment.


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