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Naruto is Strong Without Kurama, Here’s How!

Naruto is Strong Without Kurama Heres How

Naruto lost Kurama in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Kurama was the nine-tailed fox who was sealed with him for his whole life. Although Kurama was more like an antagonist during the initial story, he became Naruto’s ally by the end of Shippuden.

Naruto has preferred using Kurama’s power over his own since the war. This makes the sudden loss all the more devastating for him. However, since Naruto was afraid of Kurama in the beginning, he developed some independent skills and talents.

Naruto’s Independent Skills and Talents

Naruto is Strong Without Kurama, Here's How!
Naruto and Kurama











Naruto did take the advantage of Kurama’s power as jinchuriki. However, he also developed several independent skills. He was an Uzumaki and reincarnate of Ashura and hence his chakra’s were very deep as compared to most shinobi. His body was also more resilient and stronger. In fact, during Chunin exams, his power was already terrifying and it could rival shinobi’s whole squad. But this was possible only when he masters his chakras.

One of the first techniques that Naruto mastered as an academy student was The Shadow Clone Jutsu. This is an advanced ability that can be mastered by jonin, however, he did it in the academy. This became Naruto’s staple move and he further advanced the technique with his own talents

The most iconic jutsu that he mastered was The Rasengan. Since the jutsu is strong as Chiduri, The Rasengan could beat powerful opponents in just a single hit. Although the jutsu was developed by his father, The Fourth Hokage, he developed it further. He added different chakras to the jutsu and created variations such as the Giant Rasengan and the devastating Rasenshuriken.

Learning Stronger Jutsu

Naruto is Strong Without Kurama, Here's How!
Naruto in Multi Shadow Clone










Naruto has The Summoning Jutsu. He was able to call the mighty Gamabunta who is a giant toad who could fight against the Tailed Beast. This is how he learned the Reverse-Summoning Jutsu. He used the jutsu to transport himself to Mt Myoboku. He also learned Sage Mode and Senjutsu from the toads.

Although he has several stronger jutsu, however, the strongest is Sage Mode. The mode starts with Toad Sage Mode which further develops and becomes stronger with Senjutsu chakras. This allows him to take down Paths of Pain. And he didn’t need the assistance of Kurama.

Also, he gained higher power form with Sage of Six Paths. Naruto’s powers are increased exponentially and added more abilities. Naruto also gained access to five transformations and Yin-Yang Release. He could also summon Truth-seeking orbs and heal individuals. Naruto could also use special Senjutsu and fly, increasing his mobility.

He wasn’t just connected to Kurama, but he was also the meeting point for all Tailed Beasts. This also gave him access to incredible power too.

What’s next for Naruto without Kurama?

Naruto is Strong Without Kurama, Here's How!










Without Kurama, he has the ability to develop his skills even further. With Sage Mode, he gets access to all his five chakras. And he can learn infinite jutsu. He also has access to all the tailed beasts.

However, the out of the left-field option for Naruto is to become a jinchuriki for Ten-Tails guarded by Code.

In the end, Naruto is already too powerful without Kurama. And without him, this is the best time for him to train and develop his skills further.


Written by Aditi Thosar