Naruto Live Action Movie: Lionsgate Must Do With Masashi Kishimoto What Netflix Did With Eiichiro Oda for One Piece

Lionsgate needs to follow Masashi Kishimoto just like Netflix did to Oda sensei in order to make the story acceptable to the fans.

Naruto Live Action Movie: Lionsgate Must Do With Masashi Kishimoto What Netflix Did With Eiichiro Oda for One Piece


  • Naruto is set to get a live-action adaptation following the success of One Piece.
  • Lionsgate needs to work closely with Masashi Kishimoto to ensure the success of the series.
  • Casting choices for the actors will also play a crucial role in Naruto's live action.
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Naruto is a franchise that millions of people love, and many even grew up watching the series. It is also one of the most-sold manga ever and is severely popular. Many fans wondered what would happen with Naruto’s live-action after One Piece’s live-action success.

naruto uzumaki as hokage in Boruto

Naruto’s live-action was announced almost a decade ago, but no major updates were released until recently, confirming Tasha Huo’s joining. If Lionsgate wants the franchise to succeed, it needs to follow what the One Piece team did: work closely with the creator of the series and share the same vision.


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What Lionsgate needs to do in order to make Naruto Live Action successful

Live-action and anime have had a toxic relationship for a long time; most perform terribly and stray from the original material.


One Piece live-action finally broke this curse, achieved unprecedented success, and became the best live-action ever.

Meanwhile, the eternal rival of One Piece, who is also set to get a live-action adaptation, is none other than Naruto, and fans are wondering whether it would be as successful as One Piece.


If Lionsgate wants to produce a series that will satisfy the fans and bring success, they need to work closely with the series’ author.

naruto vs. sasuke
Naruto vs. Sasuke

One of the prominent factors in the success of One Piece live action was the close working of the directors and Oda sensei. If Lionsgate adapts to Masashi Kishimoto’s vision of the series, they can be in for good business.


Another crucial aspect would be the actor’s choices. The actors involved should represent the characters they will be depicting. It can be a game-changing decision if they get good actors on board.

It should also follow the path of a live-action series rather than a movie since Naruto is a vast manga series, and combining all of them in a single movie might be a disaster due to time issues.


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Can Naruto’s live-action surpass One Piece’s live-action?

Many fans wonder whether Naruto’s live-action will be as good as One Piece’s, which achieved ground-breaking success.


However, many essential aspects will determine the outcome of the battle between these two, such as production time, cast, budget, and casting choices.

Iñaki Godoy as Monkey D. Luffy in One Piece Live-Action
Iñaki Godoy as Monkey D. Luffy in One Piece Live-Action

If all the decisions are taken correctly, it might be possible to overtake One Piece live action as the most successful live action of all time.


However, we do not have any significant updates on the series, such as the cast, directors, or release date.

Fans might be in for a wait before they can finally see Naruto’s live-action; however, it is bound to be a fantastic thing whenever it happens.


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