Naruto: The Franchise’s 10 Strongest Swordsmen, Ranked

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They can cut through anything. They are the greatest swordsmen in the world of Naruto. But what makes them a class apart from the rest? Let’s find out who made it to the list and why.


Darui – Strom Release Specialist

the Right Hand man of Ai in the Fourth great Ninja War, Darui soon went on to become the Fifth Raikage. The man’s abilities were acknowledged by Ai himself, which itself speaks volumes given how powerful the Fourth Raikage was. A master of the Kekkei Genkai called Storm Release, Darui mixed his skills with a sword with his Ninjutsu to come up with a deadly combo. he does not wield a famous blade but he was capable of holding his own against Ginkaku and Kinkaku. darui is one of the few people who managed to hold his own against Kinshiki Otsutsuki. His sword skills came in really handy in that fight.


Kakashi Hatake – The Copy Ninja

He was a child prodigy. Even before he had hit puberty, the guy had become a Jonin, and an Anbu Black Ops agent. He was known far and wide as the Copy Ninja, using his Sharingan to copy the moves of his enemies. Many do not know this but Kakashi was also a capable swordsman. When he was young, Kakashi carried a small short sword with him he could wield with amazing proficiency. During the Fourth Great Ninja War, he wielded the Kubikiribocho with relative ease.

Mangetsu Hozuki – Master Of The Seven Swords of The Mist


Mangetsu Hozuki is the brother of Suigetsu Hozuki. Mangetsu was skilled enough to master all the seven sowrds of the mist. He could wield literally any sword of the mist in combat. That feat reeks of raw talent. His primary sword of choice was the Hiramekarei. But he was the greatest swordsman of his time, having perfected his kenjutsu abilities even before Kakashi could spell Hatake.

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Chojuro – Hiramekarei


Chojuro is the Sixth Mizukage of the Hidden Mist Village. And to be frank, he is frighteningly underrated. At such a tender age, Chojura has mastered the most powerful of the seven swords of the Mist – the Hiramekarei. The sword is capable of absorbing chakra and throwing it back at enemies. It can use the chakra to create constructs out of thin air. The sword can thus transform into a hammer or a sickle to increase its range or blunt force power. Special chakra needles that can incapacitate a foe are also a specialty of thgis sword.

Mifune – Lord Of Iron

Mifune comes from the Land of Iron, a place where ninjutsu is frowned upon. In the Land of Iron, the Ninjas have been replaced with Samurai. The Samurai there practice the art of Iaido. The technique is a very powerful ability that allows a sword user to defeat a Ninja. The art is based on the idea that Ninjas need to make hand signs to use jutsus and Iaido allows a swordsman to be fast enough to beat a ninja before the latter could form hand signs. Mifune is the leader of the Land of Iron. so naturally he is a proficient swordsman. he uses the legendary meito Kurasawa in combat. His special technique termed Issen can cut an object at the speed of light.


Kisame Hoshigaki – The Human Tailed Beast

Kisame Hoshigaki was one of the strongest members of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. He wielded the Samehada, the sentient sword. The sword can absorb chakra and feed it to its user if he ever needed it. Kisame’s skills with Samehada were magnificent. He was able to keep up with elite Taijutsu specialists like Might Guy with ease. His chakra reserves were also something worth mentioning. Some claim he had enough chakra reserves to rival that of a Tailed Beast.

Zabuza Momochi – Hidden Mist Expert


Despite being the first true villain of the show, Zabuza Momochi does not have a ton of haters. In fact, he is one of the most beloved characters of the series. Zabuza Momochi was a member of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. He went rogue and took his famous large sword – the Kubikiribocho. An extremely balanced blade despite its size, the Kubikiribocho can use the iron from the blood of the enemies it spills to repair itself. Couple that with Zabuza’s Hidden Mist technique and we get a silent and deadly kenjutsu specialist in our midst. Its a shame we did not get to see more of this guy in the series.

Sasuke Uchiha – Wielder Of The Kusanagi

He is the other Hokage of Konoha. When Sasuke abandoned his village and sided with Orochimaru, he was trained in the art of sword fighting. Orochimaru taught him numerous techniques, including the art of wielding the Kusanagi blade. The Grass Cutter blade was Sasuke using his lightning release to increase the cutting power of his sword. despite the simplicity of the technique, it was a rather potent ability that helped Sasuke Uchiha get out of tough spots numerous times.


Killer Bee – The Eight Bladed Angel Of Death

The Jinchuriki of the Eight Tails was taught the art of warfare early on. He had more time to develop as a warrior than Naruto. So naturally Killer Bee had way more techniques in his arsenal than the Jinchuriki of the Nine Tails. Killer Bee mastered the art of the eight sword technique. Every joint in his body that could hold a sword turned into a lethal weapon. Ironically, his hands were free while using this technique. The blades Killer Bee wielded were also charged with lightning chakra, which increased their cutting power significantly. Not even the Sharingan could follow up the movements of Killer Bee’s greatest kenjutsu ability.

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Hashirama Senju – Strongest Shinobi To Ever Exist

Yep. Did not expect this guy to top the list, did you now?? Before you guys start getting your knickers in a twist, let us clarify why Hashirama is the strongest Kenjutsu user in the world of Naruto. For starters, every Senju is born with a tremendous life force and chakra reserve. And almost every Senju is taught the basics of Ninja Warfare. Hashirama was not seen in action during the warring States Period. But he did wield a katana that went toe to toe, or shall we say, blade to blade, against Madara Uchiha’s infamous war fan. Add to that the fact that this is Hashirama Senju of the Wood Release we are talking about, this swordsman is capable enough of overrunning an entire country.


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