Natalie Portman Calls Thor: Love and Thunder MCU’s ‘Gayest’ Film Ever, Fans Claim ‘It’s Just a Phase…4’


Thor: Love and Thunder is days away from release and fans are very excited. The chatter around the film grows and grows. Now, Natalie Portman, who plays Jane Foster in the film, has remarked that Thor 4 is MCU’s ‘Gayest’ film ever. This comment comes in the backdrop of Marvel pushing for diversity and inclusion in its content. We take a closer look at what the star said about her upcoming film in this article.

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Natalie Portman says that thor 4 is mcu's gayest film
Natalie Portman with Chris Hemsworth

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Natalie Portman Believes Thor: Love and Thunder is MCU’s ‘Gayest’ Film Ever

Natalie Portman says that thor 4 is mcu's gayest film
Natalie Portman

In a conversation with Andrew Freund, Natalie Portman remarked that Thor4 is “the gayest movie ever made in the MCU.”   The relevant part of the conversation ran as thus:

Freund: “Natalie, is it safe to say that this is the gayest movie ever made in the MCU?”

Portman: “I love that reading of it, yes. I love that.”

Freund: “I mean… you’re flying on rainbows there… or am I imagining it?”

Portman: “I mean, that is the core of the comics. I feel like that’s where it all started. It’s very true to the source material, I think.”

On the fact that kids are now dressing up as her character, she said:


“It’s incredible. It’s such a privilege to get to be in that world. And it’s so wonderful also… to be in an era where there’s so many female superheroes that I think girls don’t have to be like, ‘Oh, there’s one girl one and that’s the one I am.’ There’s like so many that they can choose from and relate to based on their personality, or their you know superpowers, or even their weaknesses that like they can figure out who they fit with as a human and not just feel like they have to find their demographic like, you know, alignment.

Natalie Portman sure seems proud of her work and contribution to the film. She comes back as Jane Foster after many years, and her role in the film would be a treat for her fans.

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Fans Have Their Say

How Many Gods Has Gorr Killed In Thor 4 4
Thor: Love and Thunder

Fans took to Twitter to comment on Natalie Portman’s remarks.




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Some fans are apparently not enthused by the star’s comments. Nonetheless, the upcoming weekend seems to be an exciting one for Marvel fans!

Thor: Love and Thunder releases on July 8 2022 in the United States.


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