Former Bethesda Dev Nate Purkeypile’s Biggest Lesson From His Time at the Fallout and Starfield Developer Puts His Upcoming Solo Developed The Axis Unseen in a Great Place (EXCLUSIVE)

The experience is always a good thing to acquire.

Former Bethesda Dev Nate Purkeypile's Biggest Lesson from His Time at the Fallout and Starfield Developer Puts his Upcoming Solo Developed The Axis Unseen in a Great Place (EXCLUSIVE)


  • Nate Purkeypile talked with FandomWire about his new title, The Axis Unseen.
  • This developer worked with Bethesda on games like Fallout, Skyrim, and Starfield.
  • He talked about how this experience helped him see the path to follow for a good open-world game.
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In a recent interview with FandomWire, Nate Purkeypile, a former employee of Bethesda, talked about how his experience with Fallout and the studio helped him make his new game a whole different title. Purkeypile said that when he worked on games like Starfield, there was freedom, like a top-down kind of development. 


The goal was to create a timeless game that players could revisit whenever they desired. The Axis Unseen will be the next project of this developer, and the game will be available at some point this year.

The Axis Unseen Is the New Game by Purkeypile

The Axis Unseen is the new title of a former employee of Bethesda.
The Axis Unseen is the new title of a former employee of the Skyrim studio.

Purkeypile is using all of his talent and experience to make his next game. This title uses urban legends as a setting, and he is the only developer behind it. In an interview with FandomWire, he talked about how his work at Bethesda helped him make the world of his game possible. He even mentioned Todd Howard’s way of working in his big open-world games. The top-down development style of this studio’s games was critical to gaining experience.


This developer worked on titles like Skyrim and Fallout. “There was an overarching vision, but people also had a lot of freedom to do what they wanted and create things they thought were cool,” he said in the interview. This highlights the fact that the studio provides certain freedom to its developers. In the trailer for the upcoming game from Purkeypile, you can see this inspiration.

Fallout Was Part of the Path That Purkeypile Took

Nate Purkeypile worked on Fallout and Starfield.
Purkeypile worked on Starfield as well.

He continued to talk about how it was to work with the studio; he added, “It was not all top-down. That is where a lot of the most interesting stuff comes from, and I think that’s the best way to make an open-world game.” With this kind of work flow, Purkeypile is working on his upcoming game, a similar title that focuses on the open world aspect with its own lore, which is fantastic.

Starfield was the last game that this developer was involved in, and he saw the development as a kind of checklist. He said, “I think that’s why those games are still so timeless; it really does feel like an adventure where you don’t know what to expect.” The new title from this developer, who calls his studio Just Purkey Games, looks like an Ari Aster movie, according to some opinions.


The title is described as a heavy metal horror game that is focused on hunting horrendous monsters that are straight from nightmares. In an open world full of folklore creatures, you will use elemental arrows as well as the sense abilities of these weird entities. The main goal is to track down these monsters, and hunting them will be crucial to getting new things for survival against other enemies.

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