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Nathan Fillion Willing To Work With Disgraced Director Joss Whedon For Firefly Revival Despite Abuse Allegations

Nathan Fillion wants to work with Joss Whedon despite the allegations against him. The two worked together previously for the sci-fi series, Firefly. It first came out in 2002 and had a short one-season run before cancellation. But the series did become a cult classic. In 2005, the director made the movie, Serenity, it was the last time the actor saw the set and the crew. Though it might be a little late now to revive the series, it could be the change in content that is needed.

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Nathan Fillion still wants to work with Joss Whedon

Nathan Fillion supports Joss Whedon despite allegations
Nathan Fillion supports Joss Whedon despite allegations

Joss Whedon was accused by Justice League star Ray Fisher of being abusive and racist behavior on the set. He was rude to the actors during the reshoot of the film when Zack Snyder had left for personal issues. Many other cast and crew came forward to support the actor. Gal Gadot and Charisma Carpenter also accused the filmmaker of misogynistic and abusive behavior. Joss Whedon made excuses about the same later.

Nathan Fillion would still work with Joss Whedon
Nathan Fillion would still work with Joss Whedon

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In an interview with Inside of You host, Michael Rosenbaum, Nathan Fillion was discussing his career when the topic of Firefly revival came up. The actor said that he would take the job. The interviewer then questioned him about controversies around the director. He replied that he did not have any bad experience with the director and called him “funny, self-deprecating, incredibly talented… maybe a little haunted.

Joss Whedon humiliated one of the writers of Firefly

Though Nathan Fillion is free of terrible experiences with the director. That did not mean that the set was free of Joss Whedon’s terrible behavior. A writer came forward to share that the director once publically humiliated one of the writers for what he called a lousy script. This further backed the claim of Jose Molina against the director for making the female writers cry.

Firefly could get a revival
Firefly could get a revival

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Although the actor said mostly positive things about the director, it is essential to notice that he also diminished the accusers and denied their allegations. He seemed a little too supportive of him. Also, he seemed quite happy to work with the director again. Though there is no news of Firefly getting a revival, there are fans who want the actor to be cast for the role of Wonder Man for the upcoming Disney+ series.

Source: Inside of You

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