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Neil Marshall’s The Lair Set To Be A Scary Mix Of Dog Soldiers, Alien & Predator

Director Neil Marshall’s legacy has seen some unexpected turns in recent years. After getting a prestigious Primetime Emmy Award nomination and a Hugo Award accolade for his exemplary work in Game of Thrones, the director’s legacy took a dive with the critically panned Hellboy (2019) starring David Harbour and Milla Jovovich. But nonetheless, Marshall is widely regarded as one of the best in the industry when it comes to adventure horror movies. Making his debut with Dog Soldiers back in 2002, Neil Marshall quickly cemented his name by directing critically acclaimed episodes like Blackwater and The Watchers on the Wall for HBO’s Game of Thrones. Since then, Marshall has been a part of widely acclaimed shows like WestworldHannibalConstantine, and Netflix’s Lost in Space where he also serves as an executive producer. Now, Marshall has set his eyes on The Lair, his upcoming project where the director will once again return to his element of adventure horror filled with intense action sequences, gripping storyline, and gruesome monsters.

The Lair Neil Marshall

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Having started his career with the exciting horror genre with Dog Soldiers, Neil Marshall has since then directed a few memorable movies with the notable exception of Hellboy. After the considerable success of Dog Soldiers, Marshall directed The Descent, a film about cave explorers who get trapped inside a mysterious cave filled with bloodthirsty humanoid predators. Then, Marshall experimented with the sci-fi apocalypse film Doomsday followed by the historic war movie Centurion. After five years, the British director returned with the comedy-horror anthology film Tales of Halloween which was a considerable success. After gaining notable fame with Game of ThronesWestworld, and Hannibal, the director was chosen for the reboot of Hellboy which was a box-office bomb. Last year, Marshall once again returned to his roots with The Reckoning which follows the story of a woman accused of being a witch after losing her husband to the Great Plague in 17th century England.

The Lair Neil Marshall
A still from The Reckoning

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In the latest interview with The Boo Crew, the director talked about The Reckoning and his upcoming plans of returning to his favorite genre where he started his career. He also revealed his plans for his next movie, The Lair, and gave a few hints which will definitely leave the fans excited. Here’s the full statement:

“The Reckoning was certainly a return to horror, but I showed a degree of restraint. With the exception of one wagon wheel scene. So I wanted to come back and do a creature feature, I wanted to do some monsters, and just kind of combine elements from Dog Soldiers and Aliens and Predator and things like that. So it’s a full-on monster movie with action and explosions and blood and guts and everything. We are just putting the financing together, with plans to shoot in May.”

His next project, The Lair, will bring the director back to the primal horror which catapulted him to prominence in the first place. While the movie was announced back in November, the basic premise of the movie has been recently revealed. The Lair follows a similar route of survival horror mashed up with mysterious predatory creatures which were previously explored in Dog Soldiers and The Descent. Here’s the official synopsis:

The story centers on a downed Royal Air Force pilot who escapes a terrifying bunker in Afghanistan containing mutant man-made biological weapons and unwittingly brings the creatures back to a US Army base.

Neil Marshall’s ability to deliver unforgettable action sequences and his passion for the adventure horror genre has made him one of the best genre directors in the industry. The director’s talent was reportedly being eyed by the Predator franchise. But unfortunately, the deal never happened. However, Marshall’s return to his primal element might be paving the path for a sequel to Dog Soldiers, since the director has always been willing to develop the franchise for a long time now.

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