Neither Ryan Gosling’s The Fall Guy Nor Henry Cavill’s Argylle Will Ever Make it to Top 5 Highest Grossing Movies of 2024

What are the five highest grossing films of 2024 so far?

Henry Cavill in Argylle and Ryan Gosling in The Fall Guy


  • Ryan Gosling's The Fall Guy is a film that has been at the center of the media spotlight.
  • Same was the case for Henry Cavill's Argylle, both having an impressive cast and director.
  • Despite these aspects, both the movies have fallen behind on a very important list.
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Ryan Gosling’s The Fall Guy came with a lot of expectations. The film was one of the first to bring stunt people, who are some of the hardest workers in Hollywood, to the forefront. It also came with an exceptional cast of actors and was directed by one of the most predominant filmmakers and stuntmen in Hollywood, David Leitch. The same was the case for Henry Cavill’s Argylle, which was set to earn impressive figures.

Ryan Gosling as stuntman Colt Seavers in The Fall Guy
Ryan Gosling as stuntman Colt Seavers in The Fall Guy

However, when both of these movies were released, the reactions of the audience were not what the creators expected. While both of these movies earned a considerable amount during their box-office run, they seemed to have failed to top this year’s charts. Although the year is not yet complete, these numbers are quite telling.

What Films Topped The 2024 Charts?

Recently, The Hollywood Handle released a ranking of the top five highest-grossing films of 2024 so far and the entries are quite interesting. In fifth place is Kingsley Ben-Adir’s Bob Marley: One Love. The movie managed to gross a total of $177.1 million, with a budget of $70 million(via Variety). The biopic was followed by the Ghostbuster’s sequel starring Paul Rudd, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire. The movie had a budget of $100 million (via Variety)and managed to earn 198.5 million worldwide.

Paul Rudd and Bill Murray in 2024's Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire
Paul Rudd and Bill Murray in 2024’s Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

Kung Fu Panda 4 was next on the third entry on the list. With a budget of $85 million (via Forbes), the movie managed to gross more than half a billion, earning $529.3 million worldwide. The latest MonsterVerse film, Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire came in second, grossing $558.6 million.

Finally, Denis Villeneve’s Dune: Part Two is the highest-grossing film of 2024 so far. With a budget of $190 million (via Mens Health), the film managed to gross an impressive $710.5 million.

The Fall Guy and Argylle’s Dramatic Absence

While some of the entries in the list of the five highest-grossing films of 2024 are not surprising, many would still be confused to see two films missing from the conversation. Henry Cavill’s Argylle had an exceptional cast full of some of the biggest names in Hollywood. From Dua Lipa to Bryan Cranston, the film was certainly not missing versatility.

Henry Cavill and Dua Lipa
Henry Cavill and Dua Lipa in Argylle

Additionally, it was directed by Matthew Vaughn, who has quite a reputation in the world of action, having been behind Kingsman: The Secret Service. Despite these, the film was only able to secure the 13th spot on the list, having grossed $96.1 million worldwide according to Box Office Mojo, on a budget of $200 million.

While Cavill’s film did not have much luck, Ryan Gosling’s recently released film may still have some hope. The Fall Guy has been ranked ninth on the list, having grossed $104 million worldwide, with a budget of $125-$140 million. However, the film has been out in theaters for barely a fortnight, giving it plenty of time to make up for its shortcomings and break even.


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