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Netflix Announces David Fincher’s Secret Project ‘Voir’

Netflix Announces David Finchers Secret Project Voir

The wait is now over, as Netflix has revealed David Fincher’s secret project Voir. Netflix sent out a mystery Twitter tweet last Tuesday with the enigmatic statement, “Something spectacular is coming tomorrow from David Fincher.” Fans of the prolific director speculated what the project would include as he ended the tweet with a pair of wide-eyed emoji eyes.


Netflix Announces David Fincher's 'Voir'
Voir Netflix

The streaming provider disclosed Fincher’s new secret project, Voir, on their NetflixFilm account once again. Fincher’s endeavour is a documentary series of “visual essays praising cinema,” according to the director. A small video teaser of a human eye peering at the camera is included with the post. The docuseries will premiere at AFI Fest in November and will later be available on Netflix.

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AFI Fest

Netflix Announces David Fincher's 'Voir'
Netflix Announces David Fincher’s Secret Project

The AFI Fest, hosted by the American Film Institute, is an annual film festival that presents the best films from around the world. Every year, the festival screens about 125 films across a variety of genres and categories. The event will take place in Los Angeles from November 10 to 14. Given Fincher’s track record of making some of the most intriguing and interesting films in the industry, such as Seven from 1995 and The Social Network from 2010, it’s only natural that he would take on such a project for the event. In their post, Netflix even mentions that Voir is from “one of the film’s current masters.” Fincher’s films have been nominated for the Academy Awards over 40 times since his debut in 1992 with Alien 3. The director is well-versed in the industry’s “ins and outs.”

Many Netflix lovers, on the other hand, maybe dismayed by the major news. Many fans who were hoping for a Mindhunter season 3 or a new season of The Killers may be disappointed by Fincher’s new endeavour. While a documentary on cinema would be interesting, many people would prefer Fincher to make a new, story-driven film or show. Voir, though, is most certainly not Fincher’s only project in the works. As a result, Mindhunter fans should keep their fingers crossed that an announcement about the second season will be made shortly.

Written by Prachee Mishra