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Netflix Cancels ‘Emily in Paris’ Creator’s ‘Uncoupled’ Starring Neil Patrick Harris After First Season

Netflix Cancels ‘Emily in Paris’ Creator’s ‘Uncoupled’ Starring Neil Patrick Harris After First Season

Netflix canceled Uncoupled after airing for one season with only eight episodes. The American rom-com was featured on Netflix’s “Top 10” list when it premiered, but despite the excellent reception the show has been canceled this January.

Recently Netflix has been canceling shows that the audience appreciates and likes because they want shows that will have a long-term life rather than short plots that will attract attention for a shorter period.

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Netflix Dropped Uncoupled After Only 1 Season

Rumors about Uncoupled being dropped started last year as it was indicated that MTV Entertainment Studios wanted to move the show to a different streaming platform namely Paramount Global Network. The show aired eight episodes in its first season and secured #6 on Netflix’s “Top 10” list after a successful run on the streaming platform.


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Though Uncoupled has been canceled, another comedy show Emily in Paris which has the same creator is still running, released its third season on Netflix, and has been confirmed for its fourth season. The show has been criticized on social media platforms for its superficial plots, shallow characterization, and for setting unrealistic goals about the lives of social media influencers. And yet Uncoupled remains one of the few gay rom-com that focuses on the current LGBTQ scene in America.

The cancelation of the show did not come as a surprise to many people because, like many other shows, it did not create much noise though it was on Netflix’s “Top 10”. Though it had great reviews, the show failed to produce impactful viewership for a second season. The show stars Neil Patrick Harris as a gay man living a successful life in New York City and exploring various romantic interests after his long-term partner breaks up with him.

Why Netflix is Currently Canceling Popular Shows

Netflix is on a roll canceling shows that people are in love with such as Warrior Nun which was one of several comic adaptations of 2022, The Bastard Son & the Devil Himself [based on the book Half Bad], and the most popular of all, First Kill. It was the most popular attraction as the scene is set in a world of monsters, magic, and the supernatural.

Netflix head Peter Friedlander recently shared why popular shows and series are canceled though they have positive reviews, come in Netflix’s “Top 10”, or break viewing records. In an interview with Variety, Friedlander revealed some information about the streaming service cancellations.

Uncoupled. (L to R) Neil Patrick Harris as Michael Lawson, Tisha Campbell as Suzanne Prentiss in episode 101 of Uncoupled. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022
Neil Patrick Harris as Michael Lawson in Uncoupled.

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Peter Friedlander also shared some details about why shows are being canceled. Netflix makes decisions based on the show’s longevity rather than its popularity because it is in the long run that the company will make a larger profit. Other details, like viewership and fanbase, do not matter when the decision is made by the higher-ups.

Uncoupled is available for streaming on Netflix

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