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Netflix Feared Hiring Will Smith After Chris Rock Controversy Till Sony Cast Him in Bad Boys 4: “They weren’t willing to be the first studio”

Netflix Feared Hiring Will Smith After Chris Rock Controversy Till Sony Cast Him in Bad Boys 4: "They weren't willing to be the first studio"

It was the night of the 94th Academy Awards when disaster struck, turning into the night that Hollywood star Will Smith would remember for the rest of his life for two reasons. The first one is that this was the night the actor received his first-ever Oscar Award for King Richard in the Best Actor category, making it the highlight of his illustrious career. But the same night became a night that would stain his legacy as this was when Smith slapped Chris Rock on stage.

The moment when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock
The moment when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock

And once the dust settled and the shock subsided, the members of the audience as well as the audience watching at home were unsure what to make of this situation. Thus, the night became the moment in the After Earth star’s life that made and broke his career. Thus, when he went on to make a comeback in the industry with a clean slate, many of the studios and companies were hesitant, until Sony came to his rescue.

Netflix Didn’t Want To Work With Will Smith Until Sony Did

Martin Lawrence and Will Smith Bad Boys For Life
Martin Lawrence and Will Smith in a still from Bad Boys For Life

Known throughout the industry as an accomplished actor and rapper, Will Smith was riding strong through the current of fame and respect, until one day a certain incident derailed his train of reverence from people of the industry and beyond. After the infamous incident when he slapped the 94th Academy Awards host Chris Rock for making a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, it was as if all that he had built over the years was destroyed with the slap.

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And now, when he had made all the amends that he possibly could, he decided to step back into the swing of things by making a comeback to the film industry. Thus, to handle damage control, he decided to approach the streaming giant Netflix in order to ask them to give his ideas a chance. But it seems like the company wasn’t ready to help out The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star, that is until Sony revealed that they were working on the upcoming Bad Boys 4. An insider source told Variety:

“Netflix definitely wasn’t willing to be the first studio to get back into business with Will,”

But now, it seems like the company has decided to let bygones be bygones and start fresh by making the proposed Fast and Loose with the Academy Award winner.

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What’s Next For Will Smith?

A still from Bad Boys for Life
A still from Bad Boys for Life

As stated earlier, Will Smith will be the face of the upcoming films by Sony and Netflix. While the production of Bad Boys 4 is already underway and going smoothly, the plans related to Netflix’s Fast and Loose are still somewhat dwindling as the production has been going through delays since it was first announced. While we may not know when we will see the film on stream, we can say that the action-adventure film will be the point when the fans will decide Smith’s fate in the industry going forward.

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Source: Variety

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