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‘Netflix is Very Hands-Off, Nobody Bothers You’: Avengers: Endgame Directors on Why Netflix Will Beat Disney


Streaming platforms are embroiled in a tough battle for viewers. Netflix no longer holds the monopoly in digital streaming. It is facing fierce competition from its rivals. While all of this is good for consumers, it compels these platforms to improve their game to stay on top.

Recently, the Russo Brothers, prominent filmmakers, have praised Netflix and taken a dig at Disney+. The Brothers are one of the most respected and accomplished filmmakers today. This makes their statements on the streaming giants significant. We take a closer look at what the duo said in this article.

Russo Brothers take a dig on Disney+ and praise Netflix
Russo Brothers

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The Russo Brothers Praise Netflix

Russo Brothers take a dig on Disney+ and praise Netflix
The Russo Brothers

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The Russo Brothers gave an interview to the Hollywood Reporter to promote their upcoming film, The Gray Man. During this conversation, the brothers took a dig on Disney+, Joe Russo said:  Disney’s gone very conservative,” “Post-[Bob] Iger, they seem to be in IP management mode. You’re going to get all the ‘Star Wars and all the Marvel you can handle for the next decade. They’re all changing. It’s either a reinforced conservative approach from your traditional studios or it’s forcing a tech company like Netflix to rethink its entire model.”

Joe Russo also praised Netflix for its hands-off approach. He said that Netflix is  “easier to work with than a traditional studio” since its approach is “more the mentality of a tech company than a studio.”

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The Russo Brothers

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He continued: “They’re very hands-off. Nobody bothers you,”  “They have a different approach to how they control the budget on the movie. It’s not as stressful as it is at a studio.”

All this reflects well on Netflix and suggests that it is the better platform for creativity among its peers. In the long run, quality content would be a major factor that determines the apex streaming service.

The Grey Man releases on 22 July 2022 in The United States.

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