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Netflix: Love & Gelato Characters, Ranked by Likability

Love Gelato Characters Ranked by Likability

Love & Gelato is a newly-released Netflix romantic comedy adaptation based on Jenna Evans’ young-adult novel. If you like traveling to Italy, seeing beautiful European landscapes, and eating gelato – this movie is highly recommended!

The story follows Lina, a recent high school graduate who travels to Italy to fulfill her mother’s dying wish. It is indeed a typical rom-com trope, with lots of cliché themes, but it is certainly an entertaining watch. Plus, there are lots of handsome Italian boys, so what’s not to love? Here’s our ranking of the least to most likable characters from Netflix’s Love & Gelato:


Love & Gelato Alessandro

Alessandro is played by Michele Favaro, and he is the one that caught Lina’s eyes when she first arrived in Rome. Lina was so smitten, and Alessandro also returned her feelings. They enjoy each other’s company, and one may call it a fairytale romance. However, Alessandro is the son of a wealthy family, and he has a controlling father who always tells him what to do. In the end, Lina decided to cut ties with him.


Love & Gelato Lina

Lina is the protagonist in Love & Gelato, portrayed by Susana Skaggs. She is nerdy and introverted, and awkward most of the time. Even though she didn’t like leaving, she fulfilled her mother’s wish to travel to Rome, only to end up finding the truth about her father, and her life altogether. She is quite naïve when it comes to guys, but Lina tries her best to know her worth and handle difficult situations.


Love & Gelato Francesca

Francesca is the godmother everyone would pray to have. She is portrayed by Valentina Lodovini. She and Lina’s mom were good friends when the latter stayed in Rome during her younger days. Francesca has been left with the task to look after Lina while she enjoys her time in Italy. She also taught her many cool things, from how to walk in heels to how to deal with guys.


Love & Gelato Lorenzo

Lorenzo, the character brought to life by Tobia De Angelis, is definitely the good guy in this story. He is passionate about culinary arts and hopes to become a great chef someday. Lina and Lorenzo became friends, and the latter was the one who introduced her to the best gelato in Italy. Like Lina, he also has his share of struggles in life.


Love & Gelato Addie

Now, Addie is that one friend who will set you up on a date, and it will either end up in bliss or chaos. Played by Anjelika Washington, Addie is the funny and energetic friend of Lina. She always cheers her up even when they are far away from each other. And just when Lina was about to give up, Addie appears at her doorstep in Rome, pronto!


Love & Gelato Howard

Portrayed by Owen McDonell, Howard is the father figure that Lina wished to have. He is Francesca’s cousin, and the guy Lina’s mother became close friends with. He has always been in love with Lina’s mother, so when the young girl traveled to Rome, he welcomed her with open arms. Howard is indeed the best and most likable character in Love & Gelato.

Love & Gelato is now streaming on Netflix.

Written by Ariane Cruz

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