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“The rest of the world is wondering why Netflix hates them”: Netflix Clarifies Strict New Password Sharing Rules were Posted by Mistake and are NOT Applicable to US Users

Netflix Clarifies Strict New Password Sharing Rules were Posted by Mistake and are NOT Applicable to US Users

The divisive crackdown on Netflix’s password-sharing policies is reportedly not applicable to US users just yet, despite the explanation that was posted on the site’s Help Center FAQ earlier this week. These policies were, in fact, published by mistake.

Netflix Password Sharing

The announcement of the restriction on Netflix’s password sharing has confused and vexed subscribers at the same time. The decision came out after the release of the company’s fourth-quarter earnings report for 2022. During this time, the exact specifics were yet to be unveiled.

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Netflix Claims New Password Sharing Policies Exempt US Subscribers

Netflix updated the website’s Help Center section with new protocols which prevent users from borrowing someone else’s account. The rules would require subscribers to verify all of their home devices on a monthly basis, and all the devices they use outside the house will need to have their own accounts.

The streaming giant did not give a full account about the blocking of the devices, which left people who constantly travel for work, students in universities, people with several homes, and other subscribers that are always on the go outraged and dismayed.

Netflix Plans

The newly posted rules were removed from the site on February 1, which created more confusion for the users. Netflix’s spokesperson told The Streamable that those rules do not currently affect users from the United States.

For a brief time yesterday, a help center article containing information that is only applicable to Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru, went live in other countries. We have since updated it.”

The spokesperson also clarified that the company will not be making any drastic change in its policies without revealing details to its customers. Netflix has been trying to test anti-password sharing measures in Latin American countries in order to find what works best for users around the globe. The latest policy on blocking devices resulted in a negative reaction from the public.

Netflix co-CEO Greg Peters said earlier this year:

I think there’s a range of motivations for different borrowers, so some of it is economically driven, and so a part of what we’re trying to do is that we are being responsive to that and finding the right price points, whether in terms of an individual account or an extra member affordance.”

The streaming company has been testing new initiatives to restrict password sharing among its users and plans to finalize everything by the end of the first quarter.

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Fans React To Netflix’s Change In Password-Sharing Policies

Netflix Logo
Netflix’s Logo

The recent changes in Netflix’s policies have triggered angry reactions from users. Despite Netflix claiming to be consumer-friendly and customer-oriented, the imposed restrictions have caused outrage amongst subscribers.

Peters also acknowledged the fact that many users won’t be happy with their decision (via Wired):

I think it’s worth noting that this will not be a universally popular move. There will be current members that are unhappy with this move. We’ll see a bit of a cancel reaction to that. We think of this as similar to what we see when we raise prices.”

Indeed, the company executives are aware of the negative reception from fans. Check out some of their tweets below:

Netflix’s policies may change anytime without prior notice, and what users can do is choose whether it is still worth subscribing to the streaming platform or find other ways to access entertainment in a more convenient and affordable way.

Source: The Streamable, Wired

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