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Netflix Releases First Trailer of Copenhagen Cowboy Marking Nicolas Winding Refn’s Return as Fans Demand Streaming Giant For Warrior Nun 2

Copenhagen Cowboy Marking Nicolas Winding Refn

Netflix has been known to invest huge sums of capital into creating new shows, along with acquiring shows from a bygone ear. The latest project that the streaming giants have delved into is bringing the Danish creator Nicolas Winding Refn to direct the original series Warrior Nun. Ever since the show hit the available section of the service, it has created a huge fanbase with its familiar but surprisingly unique trope.

Art is an act of violence." An interview with Nicolas Winding Refn | Features | Roger Ebert
Nicolas Winding Refn

And we think Netflix has realized how good Refn truly is at taking the popular concepts of entertainment genres and experimenting with them to create something new altogether. With the recent announcement on its official Twitter page, Netflix has introduced Copenhagen Cowboy, a standalone film that is directed by the creator of Warrior Nun. But it doesn’t seem like this is satiating the fans’ hunger for a second season of the popular show.

Nicolas Winding Refn Helms Netflix’s Copenhagen Cowboy

A scene from Warrior Nun
A scene from Warrior Nun

Nicolas Winding Refn’s most famous outing with the direction of a web series hit the nail in the coffin with the success of Netflix’s Warrior Nun. Based on the books by Ben Dunn, the series was a huge uplift in viewership for the OTT platform since its first season. And so, Netflix was obviously keen on bringing back The Neon Demon creator into yet another web series, which will be hitting the platform soon.

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The announcement of Copenhagen Cowboy on Twitter and other social media has directed fans into asking Netflix about the second season of Warrior Nun. It has already been almost 2 years since the first season aired, and fans are getting impatient, especially when there is no information regarding a second season whatsoever. And when the introduction of a new series helmed by the same creator came into the news, fans burst into complete interrogation mode.

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Will There Be A Second Season Of Warrior Nun?

Warrior Nun
Warrior Nun

If Netflix is notorious for doing one thing with all the titles it has to offer, is to cancel whichever one is not performing as was projected earlier. This tactic makes sense from a business standpoint, but they have to understand that the shows that they make also carry a sentimental weight for the audiences. As it has been stated by many, Netflix has a vast variety of shows to choose from, but what it needs to understand is that people sometimes are into a certain show for the long run. As for the second of Warrior Nun, again, no one has a clue, except maybe the folks at Netflix.

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Copenhagen Cowboy, streaming exclusively on Netflix from January 5, 2023. And Season 1 of Warrior Nun is available to stream on Netflix.

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