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Netflix Reportedly Eyeing David Fincher for ‘Americanized’ Squid Game Despite Canceling Fan-Favorite Mindhunter

Netflix Reportedly Eyeing David Fincher for ‘Americanized’ Squid Game Despite Canceling Fan-Favorite Mindhunter

Remember the time from lockdown when Squid Game became so sensationally famous that everyone in the whole wide world was binge-watching it? Yeah, that was less than two years ago and yet it feels like a lifetime away. Speaking of which, Netflix is rumoredly concocting plans for a remake of the survival drama series, only a more Americanized version of it.

Squid Game
Squid Game (2021)

Created by Primetime Emmy Award winner Hwang Dong-hyuk, Squid Game was an epic success in both critical as well as commercial aspects. People were literally indulging in social media trends, making dalgona candy and carving geometric shapes into it as part of some challenge. Needless to say, the audience was utterly obsessed with the show.

So, if Netflix is thinking of an American remake then it’s likely to be from the perspective of cashing in money from all the hype that is expected to follow. After all, the 2021 series turned out to be one of its biggest projects ever.

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Netflix Reportedly Wants David Fincher to Helm A Squid Game Remake 

David Fincher
David Fincher

Popular industry insider Jeff Sneider recently revealed that according to sources, Netflix has its eyes set on one of Hollywood’s most renowned filmmakers, David Fincher, for directing as well as producing an American version of Squid Game. While these rumors are unaccounted for at present, it’s important to note that the Gone Girl director was said to be on the verge of signing a huge project with the streaming platform back in February. Not to mention, the said project was also cited as the reason why the Oscar nominee dropped season 3 of the fan-favorite crime drama series, Mindhunter.

The show starring Jonathan Groff and Holt McCallany was brought to an indefinite halt up until a while ago. But in an interview with Le Journal du Dimanche, Fincher, 60 made it crystal clear that Netflix won’t be moving ahead with a third season of Mindhunter since the show had become a bit too over the budget.


However, it isn’t entirely implausible that a Squid Game remake also had some part to play in Mindhunter getting canceled; scrapping a new season in an ongoing show that isn’t attracting a lot of viewers and channeling all resources (monetary and otherwise) into a new project that is believed to generate more profit is a rather common practice at Netflix.

But the question of the hour is, whether an American take on Squid Game would amass an audience, especially since season 2 of the original South Korean show is already on its way to Netflix.

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When Will Squid Game Season 2 be Released?

Season 1 of the dystopian drama show aired in September 2021, comprising a total of 9 episodes, and after it became a global phenomenon, Squid Game got the green light for a second season back in June 2022.

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Squid Game became one of Netflix's most watched series.
Squid Game became one of Netflix’s most-watched series.

As for its release, however, the series isn’t likely to make it to the streaming platform before 2024. Lee Jung-Jae, who starred as Seong Gi-hun in the survival horror-thriller, told allkpop that they are planning on commencing filming in summer this year which will last for roughly 10 months. “But seeing as season 2 will be bigger in scale, it will probably take longer to complete,” he said.

Squid Game season 1 can be streamed on Netflix.

Source: The Hot Mic with Jeff Sneider and John Rocha

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