Netflix’s The Sandman Unveils Morpheus’ Haunting Castle

Netflix recently gave a glimpse of a new promotional image of The Sandman and the stunning yet haunting look of Morpheus’ nightmarish castle. The image was exclusively provided for Total Film magazine.

First Look At Morpheus’ Castle

The Sandman Netflix Morpheus
First look at Morpheus’ Castle in Netflix’s The Sandman

The photo exhibited a haunting glimpse of the abode which illustrates how Dream’s seat of power and glory has failed during his long captivity. It still appears splendid by the way of the ornate windows, halls, and archways.

The promotional image serves as a preview of the upcoming The Sandman series created by author Neil Gaiman. On their Twitter account, they also released photos including Death (played by Kirby Howell-Baptiste) roaming the streets with her brother, Morpheus (Tom Sturridge). The scene is taken from a sequence in The Sandman #8 in which Death first appeared.

The Sandman Teaser1
Netflix’s The Sandman Teaser Photo

Lucifer (played by Gwendoline Christie) is heavily featured in the promotional stills. Her casting drew a lot of attention from fans, but Gaiman is very firm with his support of Christie. A Twitter user called Gaiman a ‘hypocrite’ because the author previously mentioned that he does not like characters being altered in live-action adaptations.

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Gaiman responded, “How exactly has the character changed? Is it the penis? It’s okay. Lucifer in the comics didn’t have a penis, and I don’t believe Gwendoline Christie has one either.”

Neil Gaiman Reacts To Nasty Remarks Regarding The Sandman Cast

The Sandman Netflix Teaser
Netflix’s The Sandman Teaser Poster

He also called out many netizens with their rude comments about the cast. The author said he does not care for people who do not understand and have not read The Sandman. He also responded to people being racist and sexist about the casting: “Sandman went woke in 1988, and it hasn’t gone broke yet.”

The Sandman was published from January 1989 to March 1996 by DC Comics. It follows the story of Morpheus, also called Dream, and his attempt to reclaim his power after he was trapped on Earth. The original series will debut on Netflix this August 5th.

Written by Ariane Cruz

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