Netflix: What To Watch This Month (June 2022)

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Netflix is a treasure trove of good films and television series, and this month just got a lot more exciting with new additions to its library. As one of the leading streaming platforms, it is important that Netflix keeps their contents updated so subscribers will have an endless selection of high-quality shows.


This month, lots of new and returning shows have finally arrived on the platform. With a range of subjects and genres to choose from, fans can find something that will suit their taste. Here are the latest shows on Netflix this June 2022:


Legacies netflix


A spinoff of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, Legacies revolves around the lives of the protectors of Mystic Falls town. These students of the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted learn how to master their special talents. It is a coming-of-age tale that involves vampires, witches, and werewolves.

It is an enjoyable show despite the cliché themes, and it has become a fan-favorite CW show. It was, unfortunately, canceled, like many other shows from the network, so this season will be its last airtime.

Man Vs. Bee

Man Vs Bee netflix


Who would never recognize Mr. Bean from his weird antics to his funny facial expressions? Rowan Atkinson comes back to the spotlight for a new show that will surely make us all relive his cartoon days.

In Man vs. Bee, he will housesit a luxurious mansion, and a bee will enter the house. The show will run for ten episodes with him chasing after the bee and causing a commotion inside the house. This simple story will keep the viewers entertained from start to finish.

Floor Is Lava

Floor is Lava


What if we turn our favorite childhood games into reality shows? That’s the idea of this game which takes a different spin on the kid’s play, Floor is Lava. Contestants will attempt to cross the room without touching the floor, or the ‘lava’.

There is really nothing grand about this show except entertainment and escapism. This was a really nice distraction during the pandemic when everyone was stuck at home. The series continues until today, so we will have to see if the show will keep its viewers’ interests in the long run.

The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy netflix


The Umbrella Academy is one of Netflix’s most popular and awaited shows, and its return for the third season means more viewership. The series follows a bunch of gifted people who come together to save the world.

In this latest season, they will have to face the consequences of playing with time travel and jumping through timelines. The show’s weirdness makes it more appealing to the viewers, and it will be another wild and fun ride for both the characters and the fans.

Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders netflix


The finale of Peaky Blinders picks up where the previous season left off, and Tommy Shelby will have to do one final act for closure. The show has never been the same since the passing of the legendary Helen McCrory, who played Polly Gray.

After the show was aired on BBC, it finally arrived on Netflix for the whole world to enjoy. The tremendous success of the show only proved that everyone loves a good Mafia story.


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