Netflix’s One Piece Adaptation to Have a Diverse Cast

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We are, we are on the cruise ! We are ! When it comes to live action and anime, lets just say that things don’t always work out well in the end. With a couple of exceptions, (Alita: Battle Angel and Speed Racer), anime in live action is certainly no easy road to translate onscreen. Classic anime shows like Dragon Ball, Death Note and Ghost in the Shell have failed to capture what make their counterparts special.


Last January, Netflix announced that Eiichiro Oda’s long running manga and anime One Piece would be getting that same treatment. Starting off in the late 1990’s, One Piece has become one of the most iconic shows in both shounen and anime history. The ongoing manga has almost reached it’s 1,000 chapter mark while the show has just begun releasing new episodes after a brief hiatus from the pandemic. While it’s creator will be involved in some capacity, a new bit of information from the official Twitter page may of just teased the live action Straw Hats crew.


While I do remain skeptical on the project, I like that Netflix is looking to cast different people of nationality to play the rowdy Straw Hat pirates. Oda has said he pictures Monkey D. Luffy hailed from Brazil comes as a surprise for me at least. Roronoa Zoro and Japan definitely go hand in hand on this one. Nami being Swedish, Ussop being African, Sanji being French, and Nico Robin being Russian are other surprises. Meanwhile Tony Tony Chopper being Canadian and Franky being American seems to fit that to a T. Same can go for Brook since Oda describes the skeletal musician hailing from Austria.


It’s going to be really interesting to see just how Netflix will adapt each arc and to see who will be playing each character.




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