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Netflix’s One Piece Series: 12 Actors Perfect For The Greatest Pirate Adventure Show

With Netflix moving forward with a live action One Piece series, here are our picks for the actors most suited for the saga of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Franky – Dwayne Johnson

Franky is the Shipwright of the Straw Hat pirates. He was the seventh member to join the crew. A towering and hulking figure, Franky intends to create a ship strong enough to circumnavigate the world. The actor who could portray Franky and essay his funkiness on screen must be none other than Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Franky has a well-toned body and muscle mass. The Rock would nail the role if given a chance. The character also possesses a tragic back story that might come in handy.

Nico Robin – Ezia Gonzalez

Nico Robin is one of the more sophisticated members of the Straw Hats. Robin shows very little emotion and remains mostly stoic all the time. A calm and composed character, Robin shows unusually little emotional outbursts considering she is part of such a vibrant crew. A woman of mystery, Robin’s character demands an actor who must be able to play roles just as enigmatic. We believe Ezia Gonzalez, who has played roles in movies like Godzilla vs. Kong, Baby Driver, and 6 Underground, would be a good fit for the character.

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Jinbe – Jack Black

Jinbe is the tenth member of the Straw Hats crew and the ninth member to officially become part of the team. A Fish-Man by birth, Jinbe longs to unite humanity and the Fish-Men. His dream is to create an era of peaceful co-existence within the two species. Once one of the Seven Warlords Of The Sea, Jinbe would help the Straw Hat pirates fight Big Mom and dismantler the New Fish-Man Pirates coup d’état against the Neptune Royal Family. He is a practitioner of the formidable Fish-Man karate. Jack Black and Jinbe share a similarity in terms of appearance and physique. A little bit of CGI and make-up would make Black look strikingly similar to Jinbe.

Brook – Marlon Wayans

originally a member of the Rumbar Pirates, Brook joined the Straw Hat pirates much later. He was killed but since he had eaten a Devil fruit, his soul returned from the afterlife. But his body had already decomposed to a skeleton by then. So by the time Brook’s soul found his body, all that was left were his bones and his afro. Brook’s unique look and personality makes for a very lively crew member. He is also a comic relief unlike any other in the series. Marlon Wayans is our pick for playing Brook.

Shanks – Sebastian Stan

It did not take us too much time to figure out who could play Shanks in the Netflix One Piece series. Sebastian Stan is already known to play silent but deadly characters on screen. In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, he almost gave Steve Rogers a run for his money. Shanks is the captain of the Red Hair Pirates. The scars on his face and the cool look is something only a seasoned actor like Sebastian Stan could pull off.

Chopper – Finn Wolfhard

Since Chopper is a reindeer, there is no two ways around it. He would most likely be brought in via CGI and special effects. If that’s the case, Finn Wolfhard could be the muse. He has already essayed roles in IT and Stranger Things. Chopper would be voiced by Wolfhard and his actions captured in a CGI suit when Chopper takes on his human form. Wolfhard has amazing range as an actor. He could easily go from funny to intense in seconds. That’s just might be what an actor playing Tony Tony Chopper needs to do.

Usopp – Justice Smith

Usopp is the goofiest member of the Straw Hat Pirates. And the animation shows that he is at the very least a POC. So expecting a white actor to play the role would most likely raise a lot of eyebrows in a wrong way. Justice Smith, who has become a prominent name in the industry after starring in movies like detective Pikachu and Jurassic World, can play the goofy Usopp. Usopp runs away at the first sign of trouble and like Brook, is a good source of comic relief. Smith has experience in that field, having great comic timing when the scene demands it.

Nami – Emma Stone

Nami was one of the first members of the Straw Hat Pirates. She is the navigator of the group. A very well-fleshed out character, Nami intends to make a map of the entire world. An actor who could play a character that can be as strong as a rock as well as emotional vulnerable at the same time must play Nami. Emma Stone is a very popular actress, known for her roles in movies like La La Land, Easy A, and Cruella. She has an acting spectrum that covers the range of emotions Nami needs to display on screen.

Zoro – Joe Taslim

Joe Taslim is a household name for people who are lovers of the action movie genre. He has starred in movies like Mortal Kombat, The Raid, and The Night Comes For Us. Zoro is probably the strongest member of the Straw Hat Pirates after Luffy. With exceptional swordsmanship skills, Zoro is a force to be reckoned with. He solely relies on his martial arts prowess in battle. Joe Taslim is a veteran martial artist. He is the only actor that is young enough to essay a veteran swordsman like Zoro.

Sanji – Zac Efron

Some of the people would have put Lakeith Stanfeld instead of Zac Efron for Sanji. The last time Netflix tried to put Stanfield in a series adapted from an anime, Death Note happened. So we suggest Netflix steps as many steps away from Stanfield as possible to hide their shame. Our pick for the woman chasing, funky, but incredibly powerful chef of the Star hat Pirates is Zac Efron. If Baywatch, Bad Neighbors, and Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil And Vile are any indication, Efron was born to play Sanji.

Luffy – Romário Xolo Maridueña

And the honor to play Monkey D Luffy, leader of the Straw Hat Pirates, goes to Romário Xolo Maridueña. You may recognize his face if you have watched the Netflix action drama Cobra Kai -a Karate Kid spinoff series. Romário Xolo Maridueña has a range of emotions at his disposal. he also possesses the look necesary to pull it off. To portray Monkey D Luffy takes not just talent but an additional X-factor which we believe Romário Xolo Maridueña has.

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Gol D Roger – Pedro Pascal

Gol D Roger is the original King of all Pirates. He was the one who seeded the idea of One Piece into the hearts and minds of budding pirates, who raced to the Grand Line in search of the legendary treasure. Gol D Roger is a man of mystery and a figure of enigma. He is made of the same stuff legends are made out of. Pedro Pascal aka the Mandalorian of Star Wars should be the one who plays the character in the Netflix One Piece series.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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