Netflix’s Promo Idea For Mahershala Ali’s End-of-Days Thriller Involved Dozens of Teslas in a Drive-In Parking Lot

Netflix's screening for Leave the World Behind brought in uncountable Teslas in a parking lot.

Netflix’s Promo Idea For Mahershala Ali’s End-of-Days Thriller Involved Dozens of Teslas in a Drive-In Parking Lot


  • Netflix's Leave the World Behind stars the likes of Ethan Hawke, Mahershala Ali, Julia Roberts, and Kevin Bacon.
  • The movie employed Tesla cars in a unique promotional strategy in the buildup to its release.
  • Considering the involvement of Tesla cars in the movie, Netflix's unique strategy has attracted plenty of interest.
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Netflix has recently released its apocalypse thriller Leave the World Behind starring Ethan Hawke, Mahershala Ali, Julia Roberts, and Kevin Bacon. The movie has presented us with a unique take on the genre as the leads of the film go on a quest to explore the sudden breakdown in various modes of technology.

Mahershala Ali
Mahershala Ali and Julia Roberts in Leave the World Behind

However, the movie also opted for a never-seen-before and unique promotional strategy for it involving an uncountable number of Teslas. Tesla’s automatic cars have shocked the viewers of the movie with one of the most unexpected and bizarre scenes in an apocalyptic movie ever. The promo was a callback to the iconic sequence and is a one-of-a-kind technique that’s never seen before.

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What’s Netflix’s unique promotional strategy for Mahershala Ali’s latest?

The cast of Leave the World Behind
The cast of Leave the World Behind

The latest Netflix apocalyptic thriller directed by Sam Esmail is based on a novel by the same name. It shows how a family’s vacation to Long Island turns into a battle for survival in a world that’s collapsing.

Collider’s Editor-in-chief, Steven Weintraub (via X) revealed how Netflix pulled off a brilliant promotional strategy for the movie involving several Teslas in a parking lot. The streaming giant took over a parking garage in downtown LA to organize the screening of the Mahershala Ali movie.

After you checked in, your group got into a white Tesla (it’ll make sense after you see the movie) and were taken to the 9th floor in the decked-out garage while listening to a narrator tell you a story. Once you parked on the rooftop, you walked to another section of the roof where they had an open bar and food… Around 8pm, everyone returned to their car, watched Sam Esmail and I do a Q&A, and then the movie started.”

However, this is not Netflix’s first rodeo. The OTT platform has made a name for its unique promo ideas for several renowned projects like Black Mirror, Wednesday, and Altered Carbon. The Tesla idea is also sure to make it to the list and attract more audiences to the movie.

The significance of the Tesla scene in the movie

Spoilers Ahead!

The Tesla scene in Leave the World Behind
The Tesla scene in Leave the World Behind

Netflix’s strategy of using Teslas in its promotion for the Mahershala Ali flick can be helmed as one of the most brilliant promotional ideas on knowing the importance of Tesla in the movie. The movie featured Julia Roberts’ Amanda and Ethan Hawke’s Clay going on a sudden trip to Long Island.

There they ran into the owner of the house G.H. Scott played by Mahershala Ali and his daughter Ruth. On being aware of the disaster, Amanda and the company decided to leave the house and planned to drive their kids to Amanda’s sister’s house in New Jersey. However, they are soon stopped amidst the highway by a horde of crashed Tesla Model 3s.

At first, Amanda was shocked to spot so many driverless Teslas crashing in the middle of the road. However, soon she decodes that the cars are automated. As another Tesla speeds toward them, she realizes that they could be smashed by another automatic car and hurriedly tries to leave the scene. In a bird-eye view, we are also shown a huge pile of crashed automatic cars.


Leave the World Behind has gained quite a positive reception from fans and critics. It has been praised as a well-executed apocalyptic thriller with a unique take. It can be streamed on Netflix.

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