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Netflix’s Squid Game: Easter Egg Revealed All 6 Games

Netflixs Squid Game Easter Egg Revealed All 6 Games

Squid Game, Netflix’s Korean TV series became one of the most popular shows of 2021. At the end of the first episode, viewers and players are swiftly introduced to the high stakes of Squid Game. They played Red Light, Green Light using Squid Game’s scary doll here, which resulted in dozens of deaths. The remaining participants had to play tug of war, any marble game, make shapes out of sugar honeycombs, finish the glass stepping stones game, and finally compete in the Squid Game.

Here are all easter eggs from Squid Game

Red Light, Green Light, Netflix, Squid Game
Red Light, Green Light / Squid Game

When the Squid Game is in progress, the players are trapped within a massive room with hundreds of mattresses that serve as their living quarters. However, a Squid Game Easter egg implies that this wasn’t meant to be a big surprise for them. Stick figure paintings depicting all six games adorn the walls of the players’ room. The games are even depicted in the sequence in which they occur in the paintings: Glass Stepping, Red Light Green Light, Honeycomb Shapes, Tug-of-War, Marbles, and Squid Game

Squid Game/ Netflix
Squid Game

The discovery of this Squid Game Easter egg is another example of the show’s foreshadowing, but it also raises numerous issues regarding the games themselves. These paintings are primarily hidden under the stack of mattresses at first, but they can barely be seen at that point and are fully revealed as the games go. It’s odd that none of the players spotted the markings and took advantage of them. This Easter egg may have given any player advance notice of the upcoming game and allowed them to plan ahead.

Squid Game / Netflix
Squid Game

It’s also likely that this Squid Game Easter egg indicates that the competition’s game option changes each time it takes place. The Squid Game tournament has been going on for decades, even before the events of the show. Some viewers may have wondered whether the same games are played every year or if other games are rotated in. These Squid Game wall marks could prove that the same six games are played in the same order every time.

Written by Prachee Mishra