Is Netflix’s The Midnight Club Related To The Haunting Of Hill House?

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Netflix’s new horror-thriller series The Midnight Club has just recently dropped a teaser trailer. Mike Flanagan, the show director, also worked on the hit horror drama The Haunting of Hill House. Now, fans are dying to know: Is the new series connected to Flanagan’s other works?


Flanagan rose to fame because of his incredible projects in the horror genre. The recent announcement of the TV adaptation of Christopher Pike’s novel of the same title excited Netflix fans and horror aficionados. The director’s roster of works also includes Midnight Mass and The Haunting of Bly Manor.

Is The Midnight Club Connected With Other Horror Series?

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The Midnight Club was published in 1994 with a supernatural theme combined with horror and coming-of-age drama. Known for his character-driven directional approach, Flanagan will not only focus on the plot but on every character’s own story as well.

The teaser trailer opens in a scene where seven terminally ill people sat around a dining table and raised a toast to the statements: “To those before, to those after, to us now, and to those beyond, seen or unseen, here but not here.” In that brief moment, a dark silhouette figure appeared and disappeared.

It Will Most Likely Be A Stand-Alone

The Midnight Club


Some of the cast from Midnight Mass will also appear on the upcoming show, but it is very unlikely that the two will seamlessly intertwine with regards to the plot. It does not include any of the cast from the two The Haunting series.

There were also no references made from either of his two previous works. Perhaps the only resemblance is the one-shot scene made for both series, and some other cast members appeared in both.

The fact that Pike wrote The Midnight Club as a standalone novel implies that incorporating the characters outside of the story is improbable. The series will arrive on Netflix this October 2022.


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