“Never Again”: Amanda Seyfried Will Probably Never Work in a Marvel or DC Movie After Awful Experience in Hugh Jackman’s Pan

Amanda Seyfried explained why she has not yet agreed to play a superhero in a film.

“Never Again”: Amanda Seyfried Will Probably Never Work in a Marvel or DC Movie After Awful Experience in Hugh Jackman’s Pan


  • Amanda Seyfried is hesitant to pursue superhero roles due to her dislike of stuntwork and green screen.
  • She had to actively fight to avoid being cast in superhero roles and has never worked on any Marvel or DC films.
  • Since her experience in "Hugh Jackman's Pan," the actress has tried her best to stay away from green screens as much as possible.
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Marvel and DC Comics have undoubtedly helped the superhero movie genre reach its zenith and attract viewers from around the globe. But sometimes, even the most gifted actors are hesitant to pursue careers in these kinds of movies. Some people are not interested in tackling a superhero role, including Amanda Seyfried. The actress, 37, once explained why she had to actively fight to avoid being cast in superhero roles.

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Her awful experience working on Hugh Jackman’s Pan has left her with a bitter taste, and she has vowed never to work on any Marvel or DC film afterward. The film, directed by Joe Wright and written by Jason Fuchs, is a prequel to Scottish author J. M. Barrie’s 1904 play Peter Pan, which was published in novel form in 1911 as Peter and Wendy. The plot revolves around the origins of Peter Pan and Captain Hook. 

Amanda Seyfried in Mamma Mia!
Amanda Seyfried in Mamma Mia!

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Amanda Seyfried’s Uprising Refusal to Marvel-DC after Awful Time Shooting Hugh Jackman’s Pan

If you have always wanted to see Amanda Seyfried on the big screen flattering us in a tempting supergirl suit, the actress has bad news: she will “never” do that.


Seyfried clarified on Late Night with Seth Meyers that she was fine with the genre and the terms of the contracts. Still, she hates the wirework and green screen. As a result, she will never be able to work on a major film franchise. Why? Because action is a part of those franchises, and action involves stuntwork, and the actress literally gets sick from stuntwork. She told Seth Meyers:

“I did a cameo in a movie and it turned into just a big nightmare for me.”

Hugh Jackman’s Pan
Pan, Starring Hugh Jackman and Rooney Mara

She made sure to note that the film in question, Pan, directed by Joe Wright, was in and of itself “wonderful” and “amazing”. The unexpected revelation that Seyfried would be tasked with flying—something she had been fervently attempting to avoid—was the nightmare portion. She added:


“When I signed on, there was no wirework or green screen stuff happening with my character. I’m not playing a fairy, so why would I be flying around? Throwing up?!”

Given the impact stuntwork has on her, it is hardly surprising that Seyfried has declared she will “never again” participate in it. The actress, who had previously won people over with her ability to play a variety of genres in movies, admitted that her time in Pan had not been fun at all. Because the movie could not hold the attention of critics or viewers, it was met with a mediocre reception.

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Hugh Jackman in Pan
Hugh Jackman in Pan

Why Has the Mean Girls Star Refused to Appear in a Superhero Movie?

Superhero movies possess an unparalleled influence on popular culture. But Amanda Seyfried is not among those who will jump right into a superhero role. In an interview with AP, she discussed why “she had to push against it” to avoid getting cast in such superhero roles:

“I don’t imagine there are many agents who don’t feel like their clients wouldn’t benefit from a big superhero movie. I’ve really had to push against it. I get it. I think superhero movies are wonderful, and you can be transported to this incredible world that doesn’t exist.. But I have no interest in being that physical.. I’m not a fan of green screen..”

Seyfried has already been under fire for being left out of the superhero genre. The actress previously revealed that James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy film series considered her for the role of Gamora. She admitted on THR’s Awards Chatter podcast (via PEOPLE) that she turned down the role because she could not imagine a film based on such an absurd concept ever becoming a box-office success.


“I didn’t want to be part of the first Marvel movie that bombed. I said, ‘Who wants to see a movie about a talking tree and a raccoon?’..Because if you’re the star of a giant movie like that, and it bombs, Hollywood does not forgive you..”

Amanda Seyfried in Jennifer's Body
Amanda Seyfried in Jennifer’s Body

Even though Seyfried refrained from participating in the superhero movie craze, she has established herself in Hollywood. Her popular roles include those in Jennifer’s Body, Dear John, Letters to Juliet, Mamma Mia!, Les Misérables, and Mean Girls, among others.

Pan is available to rent on Apple TV.


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