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“Never thought I’d feel unexcited for a Jackie Chan movie”: John Cena Teaming Up With Another Action Legend in “Hidden Strike” Might Be a Box Office Failure

"Never thought I'd feel unexcited for a Jackie Chan movie": John Cena Teaming Up With Another Action Legend in "Hidden Strike" Might Be a Box Office Failure

John Cena is easily one of the most loved athletes in the United States. His charismatic personality and extraordinary stage presence are what made him one of the biggest WWE superstars of all time. John Cena‘s popularity and fame were such that Hollywood wanted him in one of the biggest movies with the biggest stars they had.

And despite having a successful professional wrestling career, John Cena jumped troops into the world of Hollywood and made many huge films, and became a big star there as well. Now it has come to light that WWE superstar John Cena would pair with one of the biggest action stars in the world, Jackie Chan, for a new action film that has got fans excited everywhere.

John Cena and Jackie Chan Are Teaming Up in The Upcoming Movie Hidden Strike

John Cena
John Cena

John Cena is a phenomenal actor with an impressive physique and a fantastic personality, and it is coupled with Jackie Chan’s acting genius and stunt work, so Hidden Strike promises to be an incredible affair. Cena made some intriguing remarks about the upcoming film.

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The highly anticipated Scott Waugh’s upcoming action-comedy directorial movie Hidden Strike will star Cena and Chan. The star-studded movie trailer has just been released, but no release date has yet been confirmed.

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The former has a wrestling background and a bodybuilder-like physique, while the latter is trained in traditional martial arts and has a very different approach to doing things. However, their combination and collaboration promise to be one of the best action films.

According to reports, the movie wrapped up its production in 2018 with the initial title “Snafu,” but due to unrevealed circumstances, it may finally hit theaters; now that they have released the trailer.

According to the trailer’s synopsis,

“Two ex-special forces soldiers (John Cena and Jackie Chan) must escort a group of civilians along Baghdad’s “Highway of Death” to the safety of the Green Zone. Hidden Strike – coming soon!!”

Jackie Chan and John Cena will team up for the first time on the silver screen. In the upcoming movie, Chan will portray the character of Luo Feng, and Cena as Chris Van Horne. The project honors the first time the two international superstars will appear together in a movie. 

John Cena and Jackie Chan in Hidden Strike
John Cena and Jackie Chan in Hidden Strike

In a candid interview, John Cena revealed that he was thrilled to hear about the opportunity to work next to action legend Jackie Chan. In 2020, Cena told Collider,

“It was enlightening, and it was one of the best experiences in my life; it’s fu**ing awesome… He has taught me and helped me in more ways than he will ever know in one experience… Usually, I say I have to read a project to be riveted by it.”

The professional wrestler continued,

“That is one name where if it’s like, ‘Hey, Jackie wants to do this,’ I’m sold. It’s that effective. He’s this barrel of fucking wisdom, and he is trying to give it away, and it’s awesome. He’s just awesome to be around.”

Read how fans are reacting to the highly anticipated trailer.

A fan remarked underneath the trailer,

“Five years since they finished filming this; finally, it will be released. Let’s see how this goes.”

A second user wrote,

“Amazing, finally the movie with Jackie Chan and John Cena will be released I can’t wait to see it.”

Another user penned,

“Never thought I’d feel unexcited for a Jackie Chan movie.”

While John Cena and Jackie Chan go about making their movie, fans all over the world are excited and want to know the details and the nature of the upcoming film, which promises to be a revolutionary project that really boosts both of their careers and ashes in a new era in Hollywood action films.

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A Brief Note on Jackie Chan’s Career

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan has been ruling the film industry for nearly six decades. He has contributed a lot to the cinema. His acting genius has won him several critically acclaimed accolades and praise from his fans worldwide.

Chan’s filmography is impressive, and he remains the most popular Asian star in Hollywood and the world over. His unique approach to action films is extraordinary. He has starred in films like The Karate Kid, Jackie Chan’s First Strike, The Foreigner, Rush Hour, and Dragons Forever.

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John Cena and Jackie Chan starrer were originally titled Snafu, and now the film has changed its title, and it will be released as Hidden Strike.

Source: Collider

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