New Alien Vs Predator Under Development


Released in the early 2000s, Alien Vs Predator received a harsh backlash and reviews from critics and audiences alike. Whether it’s the first AVP movie or the second AVP, both received negative reviews on different aspects of the movie. This did put the plans to make the third installment of the movie on hold.

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But since then a lot of time has passed. Disney has taken over Fox which was the production studio for the AVP movies back in the 2000s. The decision not to move forward with the third installment at the time was certainly a wise decision for the studio. But if the recent reports have to be believed, Disney has plans to develop a new Alien Vs Predator movie.


AVPR Aliens vs Predator Requiem

However, there is still no clue that whether the new Alien Vs Predator will carry forward the story of the first two AVP movies or will have a completely new storyline. From what we have heard, the new Alien Vs Predator will have a fresh story and will give a completely new start to the story. But we still await confirmation on the storyline.


The first two films got negative reviews from the audience for aspects such as lack of good lighting in scenes, unnatural dialog delivery, unnaturally edited fight sequences. Considering this, making a completely new movie will be a wise decision for Disney. Another thing to note is that these movies were released in the 2000s under the banner of Fox. Both these things have changed. Now, we have advanced technology to give high-quality graphics and effects. Since Disney has taken over Fox, this is a great time to look into the possibility of making a new Alien Vs Predator movie.

If you consider the story, we see two creatures that have different backstories and powers. They fight each other to establish their prowess. But then why has it been so difficult to make a good AVP movie?


A Look Back at Alien vs. Predator. Do Weapons Matter? | by Brett Seegmiller | Brett Seegmiller | Medium

It is also worth noting that why Disney shows so much interest in making the new Alien Vs Predator movie. The reason being the bad reviews. The bad reviews pointed all the bad aspects of those movies; however, everything has changed now. With a good production team and professionals, we can get a fantastic Alien Vs Predator movie that might work for the audience and production studio.


The first AVP movie was directed by Paul W.S. Anderson. He has directed Event Horizon and Resident Evil movies. But since the director didn’t return for the second AVP movie, it is safe to say that it wouldn’t be easy to get him on board now. The movie has a great concept but needs a director who can see the potential in the storyline. Also, the new director must see the old negative reviews to understand the flaws in the first two movies.

One of the directors that might be good for directing the new AVP movie is Ridley Scott. He has directed Prometheus previously, however, he already has so much on his plate currently. But if he takes on the direction of the new AVP movie, audiences will also see the potential in the movie and its brilliant concept.


Written by Aditi Thosar