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“Hope they don’t make it woke PC type”: American Pie Officially in the Works With HBO’s Insecure Sujata Day Writing Script

sujata Day American Pie

Universal is planning to bring back American Pie. Sujata Day, the director of Definition Please, has signed on to oversee a new American Pie film, according to Screen Rant. Day is poised to develop and write a new installment sex comedy franchise for Universal 1440 Entertainment, the same part of Universal Filmed Entertainment Group that produced Rob Zombie’s The Munsters, which was released recently on Blu-ray and Netflix.

Sujata Day
Sujata Day

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Day is most recognized for her portrayal of Sarah on HBO’s Insecure. She has recently begun to apply her talents behind the camera. Definition Please, her directorial debut in which she also starred, earned the grand jury award for best narrative feature at the San Francisco CAAM Fest.

What made the Original American Pie special?

The comedy franchise began in 1999 with the release of the first American Pie film, in which four high school boys (Jason Biggs, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Chris Klein, and Eddie Kay Thomas) made a pact to lose their virginity by prom night. The film, written by Adam Herz and directed by Paul Weitz, became popular owing to its irreverent and rowdy depiction of adolescent maturation.

American Pie
American Pie

Some of the franchise’s most iconic characters were played by Seann William Scott, Alyson Hannigan, Jennifer Coolidge, and Eugene Levy in the over-the-top, filthy comedy. In the ensuing decade, the film spawned three sequels: American Pie 2, American Wedding, and American Reunion, with a fifth film announced in 2012 and reportedly still in development.

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The franchise has also generated five direct-to-video spinoffs, including American Pie Presents: Band Camp in 2005 and Girls’ Rules in 2020. Despite the bad response to the STV spinoffs, American Pie left a legacy that included over-the-top teen comedies like Van Wilder in 2002 and Accepted in 2006. Since the fifth installment has been in development for almost a decade, fans have been waiting for updates on the franchise.

What can we expect from the upcoming American Pie film?

Now, Universal makes an unexpected announcement. It has also been revealed that a new American Pie film is in the works, based on an “original pitch” by Sujata Day. This is a fantastic update for fans of the franchise.

Though no storyline specifics have been revealed, Day’s entry into the long-running franchise has been touted as a “fresh approach,” implying that it will likely deviate from the core group and tell a new narrative set in the American Pie universe.

Sujata Day wins an award for Definition Please
Sujata Day wins an award for Definition Please

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Though it’s unclear if Day’s version of this film will be aimed at teens or adults, as American Wedding and American Reunion were, the franchise’s typical irreverence and crass comedy will almost certainly be included. We can only hope they don’t make it woke PC type. Given Definition Please‘s lauded explorations of racism and mental illness, it’s probable that the new American Pie may have some deep intersectionality, given Day’s outstanding track record and other ventures.

The description of a unique spin on the source material suggests that Day’s American Pie film may take some unexpected turns, which will certainly surprise fans of the franchise’s many sequels.

Source: ScreenRant

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