New Batman: Arkham Legacy Game Details Revealed

New Batman: Arkham Legacy Game Details Revealed
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The next Batman video game in the Arkham series has been teased for some time now, and it appears some new details have surfaced regarding what DC has planned for its future in video games. 


It was revealed today, by Geeks Worldwide, that the next Batman Arkham Legacy video game will be released in Fall 2020.

This game is said to be the one teased on Twitter by Warner Bros.


Montreal over the past year. The video game company has been teasing their game with many Batman references and strange symbols that seem to tie to the Court of Owls.

Their last major project was Batman: Arkham Origins.

The Court of Owls comes from one of the very first New 52 Batman storylines where Batman discovers that a secret majority of Gotham City’s aristocratic elite have been secretly controlling the events and people of Gotham for hundreds of years.


The members of the Court use their wealth, status, and special assassins known as the Talons, to impose their will on Gotham. 

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This game is also meant to build on Batman: Arkham Knight as this new game is meant to include the entire Bat-family which most likely includes Robin, Nightwing, and Batgirl.


Each sidekick/hero is meant to be playable and also available for co-op play as well.

This would make the first game in the series to have co-op play though the idea seems to be built on the dual hero gameplay from the last entry in the franchise. 

This next game in the Arkham franchise is also meant to be a soft reboot of sorts for the franchise after Bruce Wayne/Batman vanished in an explosion at the end of Arkham Knight presumed dead.


The game was originally set to be a direct sequel to the 2015 entry with the game centered around Damian Wayne and would involve him fighting crime in Gotham on a motorcycle.

This Damian Wayne information lines up with the rumors over the past 5 years about this supposed game. In late 2016, that version of the game was canceled in favor of the soft reboot idea, which actually pushes away from the world of the Arkham games. 

This new Batman game is also meant to be the start of a DC video game universe. Meant to connect as many video games as possible into the same universe, styled like the Marvel Cinematic Universe seen in movies and television.


After this Batman game is released, Rocksteady is reported to finally release their next video game which is said to be a DC property meant to be a part of this new game universe.

Rocksteady’s game has to be nothing less than huge or amazing, as their last game was released almost four and a half years ago. Much longer than a normal video game production cycle. 

Lastly, the report also says that Warner Bros. has either got a Superman game in development or is expressing interest in making one.


The report again repeats that this Superman game is not being made by Rocksteady and Rocksteady has also already flatly denied that Superman was their next project.

So the best bet would be either a Suicide Squad or Justice League game.

Rocksteady tends to build their next game based on the Easter Eggs from the previous game. Arkham Asylum has a map of Arkham City.


Arkham City had a boat filled with Scarecrow’s cockroaches seen in almost every knightmare sequence seen in Arkham Knight. Arkham Knight had Lex Luther on the phone and references all over the city to Flash, Green Arrow, and Superman. Leaning speculation to a Justice League video game.

To be fair none of this information can be completely corroborated yet, but the information seems to fill in the blanks quite effectively on what has transpired with video games for DC Comics.

So for the meantime, it should be considered, as always, a rumor until proven one way or the other. 


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