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New Batman ‘Failsafe’ Trailer Introduces Three Jokers

The new trailer for Batman ‘Failsafe’ story arc by Chip Zdarsky and Jorge Jiménez brings three Jokers into the DC canon. This is not the first time Batman will face a triple threat from Joker, but this will bring a whole lot of chaos to Gotham.


Justice League’s Darkseid War was the first to exhibit three Jokers where Batman inquired Mobius Chair about Joker’s identity. Only then he finds out that there were three of them causing terror in the city.

Joker As A Triple Threat


Batman encountered the three Jokers in DC’s Black Label imprint limited series by Jason Fabok, Geoff Johns, and Brad Anderson. Each Joker has its own name and must be addressed this way: The Criminal, from Batman’s Golden Age; The Clown, who murdered Jason Todd (Death in the Family); and The Comedian, who killed Barbara Gordon (The Killing Joke).

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DC did not include this limited series as part of its official canon, but this new ‘Failsafe’ arc will finally be added to the Batman story run. Zdarsky and Jiménez’s Batman No. 125 will be the first project of the former as the head writer of the said franchise.

Batman New Story Arc

Batman Failsafe

Interestingly, Geoff Johns’s past work on the three Jokers ends up with only one surviving Joker. Red Hood murders The Clown, and later on, The Comedian slaughters The Criminal. If Zdarsky would feature all Three Jokers, then there must be a creative way to resurrect The Criminal and The Clown. This is now a matter of creativity and resourcefulness.


To officially announce the debut of Batman’s story arc, Failsafe, DC posted a new trailer containing stunning visuals and all three Jokers standing above a mound of bodies. Batman No. 125 will arrive in stores on the 5th of July 2022. Until then, fans will have to wait until all questions will be answered in the upcoming story arc.

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