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New Batman Game Reveal Reportedly Coming Very Soon

Its been a long time since the last from Arkham Series, Arkham Knight‘s release. 

From the popularity of the game, its no doubt that the fans of the masked vigilante want more of it.

And finally, the wait is about to end for Arkham lovers. The most anticipated new Batman Arkham game from Warner Bros. is about to come soon.

Is it happening?

There have been several rumors pointing another installment for the hit game series for years now.

But they got their strength when in the last September Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment started teasing a new Batman game.

Batman Game
Arkham Knight was released in 2015

But later the company remained tight-lipped regarding the updates about the game.

Besides, rumors circled over the internet that Warner Bros. will reveal a significant update about the game at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo aka E3.

But to everyone’s surprise, the event has been canceled, thanks to COVID 19 pandemic. This left all the fans hesitant about the happening of the game.

Coming Soon!

But now, according to GameReactor’s sources, the reveal will be coming soon. They suggest that the new plan is to reveal the game in a couple of months. 

The leaker has not disclosed any other information other than the tease that the game is set to “release sooner than you may think.”

Well, that’s exciting.

We can expect the game will launch such that it will be a title for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. So the PS5 launch event is apparently the stage for the game’s reveal.

Currently, we can only take the information with a pinch of salt.

Moreover, the source even mentioned that all the plans are subject to change due to the pandemic or Black Lives Matter movement. But it’s worth noting that the leak aligns with a lot of previous reports about the game.

About the Game

There were a lot of gossips regarding the game.

Some of them suggest that the game will be a complete reboot for the series whereas others claim its as a prequel to the main Arkham trilogy. 

The upcoming Batman Game
New Batman: Arkham series game may feature The Court of Owls

Some indicate the involvement of the Court of Owls while the others focus more heavily on Batman’s allies. 

Whatever the game is going to be about, we will witness it sooner or later. So all we can do for now is to keep our hopes high.

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