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New Details On The Green Lantern Series Revealed

New Details On The Green Lantern Series Revealed

Slap on that ring, say the oath, and beware of your power as the new Green Lantern TV series will feature two Green Lanterns and the iconic villain Sinestro. 

It is no secret that the DC universe has been killing it in the TV industry with many tuning in for the new Watchmen series as well as the CW shows. However, a new DC TV series has entered the arena with HBO Max’s Green Lantern. The Green Lantern series is inspired by Greg Berlanti who made the vastly successful Arrowverse on the CW. 

News about the upcoming series was given by Sarah Aubrey HBO Max’s Head of Originals. “[The series] will span several decades and focus on the origin stories of two major Green Lanterns on Earth.” It is unclear who exactly these two Green Lanterns are but it is highly suspected that they are Hal Jordan and John Stewart. 

Another huge reveal for this series is that Sinestro a major villain from the comics will also be featured in the TV series. For fans who don’t know who Sinestro is, he was a Green Lantern (willpower) who went rogue, turning to the Yellow Corps or ‘fear.’

The character of Sinestro was featured in the 2011 Green Lantern movie but at that time he was still one of the good guys.  It is unclear whether he will be introduced as a villain or a hero in this new series but one thing that is for sure is that he will play a major part in what’s to come for Green Lantern. 

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Whichever the case and whoever these Green Lanterns are, fans will just have to wait until the Green Lantern series comes in from HBO Max.

Are you excited for the upcoming show? What do you want to see from it? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below!

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