New Fan Conspiracy Theory Explains Why Amber Heard is Losing: Her Lawyer is a Johnny Depp Fan

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s trial is one of the most trending topics right now. Also, the trial is available online for everyone to watch. The defamation trial between the couple has taken some wild turns as each tries to prove the other one guilty. The case was filed by Johnny Depp against ex-wife Amber Heard over an article she wrote in Washington Post. Also, certain fans are coming up with their own theories on the trial. With video clips related to the trial going viral everywhere. One of the wildest theories has to be the one claiming Amber Heard’s lawyer is a Johnny Depp Fan.

Fan conspiracy theorists call Amber Heard’s lawyer Johnny Depp’s fan

Amber Heard's lawyer is a Johnny Depp fan says fan conspiracy
Amber Heard’s lawyer is a Johnny Depp fan says fan conspiracy

As Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continue the legal battle. The fans have already concluded that Johnny Depp is the one winning the case. Also, many TikTok users have even found the reason why Amber Heard is losing the trial. They are convinced that Elaine Bredehoft, Amber Heard’s lawyer, is a Johnny Depp fan.

Fan conspiracy finds reason behind Amber Heard losing trial
Fan conspiracy finds reason behind Amber Heard losing the trial

In the viral video, there is a clipping from the premiere of Lone Ranger in London. There a woman can be seen behind the barricade, taking pictures of Depp as he walked down the red carpet. Also, she has some resemblance to the lawyer. But she hasn’t been identified yet. Still, TikTok theorists seem convinced that it’s her.

The video soon went viral and got over 11 million views. Some said that she took the case to sabotage Heard and to see the Pirates of the Caribbean star.

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Johnny Depp fans are making viral edits and videos online

Amber Heard testifies in the trial yesterday
Amber Heard testifies in the trial yesterday

As the star has more fans compared to the Aquaman actress, his fans are sharing his trial clips. They have shared a number of viral clips of the actor’s hilarious reactions, and errors made by Heard’s lawyers among others. The fans of the celebrity are all united in making the actor’s reputation clear.

Among the viral video is Johnny Depp making fun of the lawyer. Also, with the new viral theory, they are convinced that even Amber Heard’s team is on Depp’s side. Amber Heard has testified yesterday in the trial talking about the abuse.

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