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New Green Hornet Movie in the Works at Universal

The Green Hornet and Kato is the movie in the works at Universal Pictures. The Green Hornet is a masked, crime-fighter that first debuted on serialized radio dramas in 1936. 

Introducing The Green Hornet Once Again!

Hornet Fans Up for A Reboot!

The character has since appeared in a TV show starring Bruce Lee, film serials, books, and comics. In 2011, an action-comedy about the movie was released. Starring Seth Rogen as the Hornet, furthermore Jay Chou, who portrayed Hornet’s partner Kato. They drive around in their high tech car, “Black Beauty,” and battle the criminal underworld. As per Sources, Universal is partnering with Amasia Entertainment on The Green Hornet and Kato. The film is currently in development. Amasia won the rights to the film franchise in January of this year, with the co-founders Bradley Gallo and Michael Helfant. 

Universal’s statement on The Movie

Universal with Amasia Entertainment set for the Project

Universal Pictures announced their deal with Amasia on Thursday. President of Universal Pictures Peter Cramer made a remark: “The Green Hornet is undoubtedly the most loved and iconic super-hero fictions ever designed. It captivates generations of followers in each form of story-telling”. He adds, “We are excited to be partnering with Bradley, Michael, and the whole Amasia team. Also to propel a thrilling modern cinematic universe for the Black Beauty, Kato, and Britt Reid. Besides I can’t wait to share it amidst global fans promptly”.

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Producers’ take on Re-Aquirement on Universal new Movie

Universal is back with The Green Hornet!

Michael Helfant clearly states that, “Universal will be an exceptional home for our fresh Green Hornet and Kato. It’s pretty refreshing that Universal was the primary distributor of the 1940’s drama serials“. He believes that both new and current fans will relish it. He concludes by stating, “We are blending the future and the past, producing a contemporary variant of the franchise. Which is exciting and crisp while upholding its long-legacy and history”.

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