New Headache for James Gunn: Gal Gadot Gets Trolled for Wonder Woman Scene During a Kid’s Funeral in $133M Movie

Gal Gadot's tonally incongruent cameo in Shazam! Fury of the Gods (2023) has raised eyebrows and attracted hundreds of critical, sardonic remarks.

New Headache for James Gunn: Gal Gadot Gets Trolled for Wonder Woman Scene During a Kid's Funeral in $133M Movie


  • 2023's box-office bomb Shazam! Fury of the Gods failed to replicate the critical and commercial success of its 2019 predecessor.
  • Besides featuring a frustrating, stakes-decimating cop-out, the sequel's inclusion of Wonder Woman has made many viewers comment on the sequence's tone.
  • The deus ex machina-esque cameo, paired with the superheroine's theme song blasted at max, has made the scene the subject of intense trolling.
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2023 box-office bomb Shazam! Fury of the Gods featured a Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman cameo. Introduced with her electric cello theme and placed amidst a sequence where all hope seems lost, the actress’ superhero conveniently becomes the deus ex machina and resurrects our main character. Yeah. That does happen in the David F. Sandberg-helmed premise. Intended as a hype-inducing surprise appearance, the scene’s narrative implications upset a few critics.

Gal Gadot's cameo in Shazam! Fury of the Gods
Gal Gadot’s cameo in Shazam! Fury of the Gods (2023)

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Now, months after the film’s release, the cop-out sequence’s juxtaposition, which feels all too comedic, has become a facet to ridicule and poke fun at on the Internet. Commenting on how the utilization of the character’s official soundtrack in a scene construed to be somber destroys the sequence’s tone, netizens expressed their dissatisfaction with the climax through jokes.


Gal Gadot’s Shazam 2 Appearance Gets Trolled By Online Users

Shazam! Fury of the Gods (2023)
Shazam! Fury of the Gods (2023)

Besides being a box office disaster, the follow-up installment to Shazam! (2019) falls behind its forebear. Narrative-wise and commercially. With its formulaic utilization of age-old superhero comic-book tropes, the endeavor falls short of emulating its predecessor’s charm. These inconsistencies seep into most scenes, forcing the audience to lose interest in what the film is attempting to convey.

And then, there’s the juxtaposition between the sequences and their tonal implications that fail to create the resonance it aims for. This is precisely what Gal Gadot’s uncredited appearance accounts for. The narrative stakes are decimated in what follows, positioning the movie as a torchbearer of frustrating cop-outs. However, what particularly feels off about the cameo to thousands of fans is its tonal incongruence.

Wonder Woman cameo
The now-trolled Gal Gadot Wonder Woman cameo!

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As best highlighted by this user on X, the scene, intended to showcase the grieving of Billy’s family around his burial as mellow music plays in the background, is intercepted by our deus ex machina, Wonder Woman’s electrifying theme song put on blast. As she enters, intending to resurrect Billy with her godly powers, Billy’s family don near-surreal happy-go-lucky expressions.

Of course, one can argue that their mourning magically ends with the promise of the superheroine’s presence, knowing she’s the conveyor of good news. However, according to viewers, the over-repetitive use of the theme song across most DCEU initiatives with a Wonder Woman entry has turned it into a joke. And seeing it incorporated in what’s essentially a child’s funeral is bound to raise some eyebrows—and a few sardonic remarks.

The scene ends up feeling like a parody straight out of The Boys.


Netizens React To The Gal Gadot Surprise Appearance

Netizens troll the scene
Netizens troll the scene!

Following the user’s observation of the scene’s tonal incongruence, describing it as the funniest scene to come out of a 2023 project, hundreds of internet users liked the post, and many shared their thoughts. Spoiler warning: they were hilariously vicious. Take a look:

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With many such scenes, Shazam! Fury of the Gods becomes less compelling in comparison to the previous project. Failing to impress the viewers reflected at the box office, too. The movie amassed $133.8 million worldwide against a $110–125 million budget.


Whether Billy Batson returns to our screens again through James Gunn’s DCU is shrouded in mystery. If he were to make another appearance in a future endeavor, we can only hope it doesn’t repeat the mistakes of the 2023 sequel.


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