Baron Zemo’s Costume unraveled in ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’ Promo

Marvel Comics fans remember Baron Helmut Zemo of Sokovia as one of the most powerful and conniving supervillain masterminds from the Avengers comics. Zemo was a former colonel in the Sokovian armed forces. Baron was also the leader of  EKO Scorpion in the Battle of Sokovia. He blamed the Avengers for the death of his family and swore to obliterate them. He trained Bucky Barnes, aka the Winter Soldier and blamed him for King T’chaka’s assassination. Subsequently, this mere incident paved the way for MCU’s Captain America: Civil War’. He ‘accidentally’ let it slip to Tony Stark that Barnes killed Howard & Maria. As a result, the accusations and counter allegations tore apart the Avengers. Baron Zemo is back in MCU and Disney+’s upcoming miniseries ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’. The latest promo had a scene with Baron Zemo’s costume and characteristic dialogue, “Superheroes, they cannot be allowed to exist.”

The Promo Sequences Detailed

Falcon and Winter Soldier Promo Showcases Baron Zemo's Costume
Zemo from the teaser

The said promo begins with Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes & Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson teaming up and embarking on a journey to test their strengths and abilities. Daniel Brühl is back with his antagonistic drawl. Again, he dons the purple mask, Baron Zemo’s costume, and delivers his signature dialogue from MCU’s 2016 Civil War that superheroes shouldn’t be allowed to exist. He then aims a gun, followed by a massive explosion. The Falcon and Winter Soldier continue to fight side by side in the following cutscenes, with flashy graphics and tremendous stunts.

On Marvel’s most Conniving Schemer: What does Baron Zemo’s Costume scene foresee for Future MCU Creations

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Trailer Breakdown: Why Baron Zemo Has  Returned in the MCU
Baron Zemo’s costume from the first trailer

Baron Zemo is one of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most intelligent villains. Though he lacks the strength or workforce as Thanos or Galactus, his intricate evil schemes contain layers that unfold with collateral damage and destruction. The 2016 MCU film ‘Captain America: Civil War’ bore witness to Baron’s extent of sowing chaos. The last time he appeared on the big screen, the Avengers almost broke apart. Moreover, fans watched Captain America-Iron Man’s enmity grow with an increased heartbeat.

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MCU fans are eagerly waiting for ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’ to hit screens across the world on March 19th. One of the chief reasons will be to celebrate two of Marvel’s seasoned super soldiers’ unified journey. Though fans might not admit it publicly, the other reason would be to see Daniel Brühl’s exceptional portrayal of the scheming supervillain. Above all, Baron Zemo’s costume donning scene in the teaser has undoubtedly set the stage for upcoming sinister occurrences. Do you have any theories? Or would you have loved Baron Zemo’s costume to be different and more gruesome? Let us know in the comments.

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