New Percy Jackson Set Image Reveals Camp Half-Blood Armored Costumes

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Disney+ Percy Jackson reveals a new set photo showing what Camp Half-Blood armors and costumes look like.

Disney Plus Percy Jackson Series
Disney+ Percy Jackson Series

The upcoming TV series adaptation is based on Rick Riordan’s popular novel, Percy Jackson and the Olympians. It follows three best friends, Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, and Grover Underwood, as they battle demigods and monsters, and prove themselves worthy as children of the gods.

The novel was adapted into two films, The Lightning Thief (2010) and Sea of Monsters (2013), starring Logan Lerman as the main character. In May 2020, Disney+ announced the reboot, and production commenced in June of this year.

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters
Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters (2013)

Long-time fans are aware of the controversy that surrounds the movie versions. This time, Riordan himself will be involved in the creative process. With constant updates from the author through his blog, fans are getting more and more excited about the series.

Percy Jackson Camp Half-Blood Armors Spotted

In a recent post on Twitter by @hotyturner, a set image of two Percy Jackson extras were spotted in Vancouver wearing the iconic orange Camp Half-Blood shirt underneath a brass armor. This is the signature look of the players competing in the Capture the Flag tournament.

Percy Jackson Set Photo Twitter
Percy Jackson set photo, screenshot from Twitter

Capture the Flag is a game of strength, agility, and quick thinking. Players will fight each other until one of them captures the flag of the opponent’s side. This game was a crucial one for Percy as he proves to the others that he is the son of Poseidon.


There is a strong resemblance between the new armor and the one used in movies, but the orange T-shirts are definitely not seen in the films. This is proof that the TV adaptation strives to remain faithful to the source material.

Riordan recently made an update on his blog about the release date of the series, and he estimated that it would most likely premiere in 2024.


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