New Product Leaks Give Eternals News: New Eternal Hinted At


The upcoming Marvel Studios movie The Eternals has had information about its characters and story leaked by two product leaks. These include descriptions of the characters from the T-Shirt company Redwolf, and products from toy company Lego. 

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The new plot details from Redwolf include character descriptions for Eternals Ikaris, Sersi, Ajak, Phastos, Makkari, Phew, Druig, Gilgamesh, Thena, Kingo, and Sprite. The official word from Redwolf can be read below. 



Ikaris is the tactical leader and most powerful Eternal and takes pride in keeping the other Eternals safe. Moral, kind and charismatic, Ikaris boasts the power of incredible strength, flight and the ability to project beams of intense cosmic energy from his eyes. When the monstrous Deviants return after centuries, Ikaris leads the charge to unite the scattered Eternals to stop the new threat. 

Sersi is the Eternal with an affinity for humanity. Sersi is as happy working as a museum curator as she is saving humans from the threat of the Deviants. Sersi has the ability to manipulate matter, changing the makeup of any non-sentient material she touches. She’s also been in love with Ikaris for centuries, and helps him to recruit the Eternals for one last mission.

Ajak is the spiritual leader of the Eternals. Her wisdom has helped guide the team since they arrived here from their home planet to help defend humanity from the Deviants and to help humans advance to the modern civilization that they live in today. Ajak can not only heal humans and Eternals alike, but she is able to communicate with the Celestials as well.

Phastos is blessed with the power of invention. He is able to create whatever he can imagine provided that he has enough raw materials at his disposal. Over the centuries, Phastos has helped nudge humanity forward technologically while always keeping his brilliance hidden in the shadows.

Makkari is the fastest woman in the universe. She uses her cosmically powered super-speed to scout planets for the Eternals, and as the only deaf Eternal, the sonic boom that accompanies her cosmic running does not affect her.

Druig can use cosmic energy to control the minds of men. Druig has become withdrawn from the other Eternals because he disagrees with how they’ve interacted with mankind over the centuries. Aloof and powerful, at times it’s hard to determine whether he’s friend of foe.

Gilgamesh is the strongest and kindest member of the team. He becomes Thena’s de facto partner when the events of the past exile them from the rest of the team. Capable of projecting a powerful exoskeleton of cosmic energy, Gilgamesh is a fierce warrior who has become legendary for his fights with Deviants throughout history.

Thena, a fierce warrior more comfortable in battle than any other place, she has the ability to use cosmic energy to form any handheld weapon she can think of. Often surly and aloof, she forges an unlikely friendship with Gilgamesh that spans centuries.

Kingo is the Eternal with the power to project cosmic energy projectiles with his hands. Over the centuries, he has become enamored with the idea of fame. In present day, he’s a famous Bollywood star who must leave his life of wealth and celebrity to help the team repel the new Deviant threat.

And finally, Sprite – who appears to be a 12-year old girl, Sprite has the ability to cast lifelike illusions. Her friendship with Sersi hides a world-weary sadness because she’s been treated like a child by humanity for centuries. But Sprite is much stronger and cleverer than she appears, which will come in handy as while they battle with the Deviants.

The other exciting new leak is from toy company The Lego Group, whose sets based on The Eternals have been revealed in a Canadian Lego product magazine. They include: 


Eternals’ Aerial Assualt-76145.

The first of these is set #76145, Eternals’ Aerial Assault. It includes Sprite and Ikaris. It also includes a creature called a Deviant, which are creatures in Marvel Comics who are similar to Eternals, but instead of getting their great beauty, they are hideous and deformed. The most interesting thing that comes from the reveal of this set is the fact that we have images of what we can expect a few of the Eternals to look like. This does, however, confirm that Sprite will use illusions as her power, and that Ikaris has the power to shoot lasers of some sort out of his eyes. Most, if not all of this, can be found in the comics, but this gives us a confirmed look at what will be in the movie.


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The next set on the list is set #76155, In Arshhem’s Shadow. This set confirms that the leader of the celestials, Arshhem, will be in the movie. This also gives us a look at what Aiak, Kingo, Ikaris, and Sersi will look like within the new movie. It shows that Ikaris can fly, Sersi has telekinesis, and it appears Aiak has superstrength.


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The next set, “Deviant Ambush,” shows Thena and Gilgamesh, as well as Makkari. Gilgamesh seems to have superstrength and earth powers. Thena is using a staff, but she apparently is able to summon weapons, which this set backs up.



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The final set is the most interesting, as it gives us our first look at a new location for the movie “Rise of the Domo,” which is apparently the name of the Eternals’ spaceship. Domo is an Eternal that first appeared in Eternals #5. Domo was created by Jack Kirby, who created Domo as a pastiche of DC Comics’ Metron. Metron is a part of the New Gods, which were created by Jack Kirby when he went to DC Comics. The New Gods are also getting a movie that will be released around the same time as The Eternals releases. Jack Kirby created the Eternals after the books the New Gods starred in were canceled by DC.


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Domo, in the Marvel Comics of the same name, works as an administrator for Olympia, the home city of the Eternals. He also serves the elder Eternal Zuras directly. As of now, Zuras has not been heard about in the new Eternals movie. It is possible this either confirms he is connected to the movie, or that he is not in the MCU. This version of Domo seems to be the ship itself, which means Domo will not appear, and the fact that Ikaris is now the leader of the Eternals means that Zuras may have been written out. I would not be surprised if Marvel is simplifying the history of the Eternals in order to make it easier for audiences to comprehend the complexity of Jack Kirby’s Eternals.

These new product leaks, along with the concept art we were given, makes this the MCU movie we know the most about. Typically, companies are not given script specifics for MCU movies, but as this is an untested property, Disney and Marvel Studios may be more willing to share details in order to generate interest in the property. If that is what they are doing, it certainly is working. The Eternals are a team that’s not exactly popular, but Disney and Marvel Studios strategically are releasing information in order to maximize the amount of excitement around the movie.


Written by Donovan R