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New Ronin Costume Debuts In Hawkeye: Freefall Series

Hawkeye Freefall

Hawkeye, the Avenger’s main marksman, is all geared up for all-out action in the new Marvel series Hawkeye: Freefall. This is the first issue in the series and will bring lots of surprises, including a new Ronin look.

Hawkeye: Freefall is written by Matthew Rosenberg and illustrated by Otto Schmidt, and cover art by Kim Jacinto. The series will revolve around Clint Barton crossing paths with the Hood as he tries to stop him from his evil plans. As Barton sets himself in action, a new Ronin appears, putting suspicion in Clint’s direction.

Check out the image below:

Screenshot_2020-01-05 Hawkeye Freefall (2020-) #1 - comiXology

The new Ronin takes Clint’s old character—a persona that belongs to three other Marvel heroes. In Hawkeye: Freefall, Barton engages with the Hood and his disciples. Although the rest of his team ended up in jail, the Hood still walks free.

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Falcon and the Winter Soldier paid Barton a visit to tell him about someone in the new Ronin costume. The man in a mask attacked armored cars and harmed former S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. The previous Ronins—Echo, Blade and Red Guardian—were all suspects. Sam and Bucky checks if Clint is accountable for the crime.

When they found out Clint was clean, they allied together and hunt down the new Ronin. When they got in contact with him, they figured out his new look was recognizably Ronin but a bit different. There were small changes in the body armor and a few ornaments on the mask.

Hawkeye’s new mission is to find out who the new Ronin is and his secret plans. This will put him in the middle of a fight against New York’s most dangerous villains.

Hawkeye: Freefall is now available for purchase.

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