New Spider-Man Theory Explains How Mysterio Is Alive


New rumors suggest that Spider-Man villain Mysterio may be alive. At the end of the movie Spider-Man: Far from Home, Spider-Man seemed to have killed Mysterio. However, new fan theories suggest that Mysterio is well and truly alive. His death could have been faked in the movie. Moreover, the existence of Mysterio is crucial for MCU’s plan to develop a Sinister Six movie.  

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The idea behind Mysterio’s fake death

The idea behind Mysterio's fake death
Mysterio in a still from the movie

In the movie Spider-Man: Far From Home, Mysterio is seen manipulating Peter Parker on every step. He showed himself as a courageous hero from another planet. However, in reality, Quentin Beck was a fraud who used cutting edge technology to hoodwink others into believing his lies. At the ending of the movie, the devious villain dies at the hands of  Spider-Man. But many fans feel that Mysterio has faked his death to manipulate the superhero once again.  


How did Mysterio fake his death?

How did Mysterio fake his own death?
Mysterio is a master of creating illusions.

The fan theory, which has speculated upon Mysterio’s death, gained traction on Reddit. According to the idea, Mysterio’s death could be faked using Tony Stark’s glasses. Mysterio desperately wants the glasses for his illusion efforts, as shown in the movie. Moreover, throughout the film, the glasses function as per the voice commands given by Mysterio. However, two exceptions are present for this case during the movie’s final battle.   

What happened during the final battle?

What happened during the final battle?
Has Mysterio manipulated Spider-Man once again?

During the final battle of the movie, Beck orders drones to attack Parker. However, this is the first time the glasses function without Beck’s voice command, which results in his apparent death. When Spider-Man dons the glasses, E.D.I.T.H tells him that all illusions are down concerning Beck’s antics. However, the fan theory reveals that this could be another one of Mysterio’s manipulative plans. Moreover, Quentin Beck is a genius in the art of illusions. So, he could have just faked his death and come back later to haunt Spider-Man. 


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