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New Star Wars Game To Be Revealed Next Week?


A New Star Wars game that was previously rumored to be in development will apparently get an official announcement next week. The Game will presumably be revealed during or before the PS5 reveal event happening on June 3.

A Report from Jordan 

A report came from a reliable industry insider and Cinelinx editor-in-chief Jordan Maison.

He recently posted on Twitter, reminding everyone that EA is working on a Star Wars game that is yet to disclose officially. He later added that the Star Wars fans should watch out next week.

Check out his tweet below:

About what the fans should keep an eye out for?

The tweet highly suggests the possible reveal of the alleged EA Motive project. We can assume that the reveal probably could be during the PS5 reveal event.

Yeah, That Rumoured 5th February PS5 Reveal Event Ain't Happening ...

The PS5 reveal event will be happening on June 3Why during PS reveal? It’ simple! Such a big announcement would be held for an equally significant event. But there’s another possibility that Electronic Arts may keep it for EA Play on June 11. Whatever it is, it won’t be long until we hear more. 

EA Play event goes digital after E3 2020 cancellation: When to ...
EA Play event goes digital after E3 2020 cancellation.

Moreover, Venture Beat journalist Jeff Grub has been hinting towards a Maverick reveal from some time. Wait, what’s up with Maverick?

Star Wars: Project Maverick

Earlier, Jeff teased that there might be a “Mel Gibson” related announcement during the first week of June. Mel Gibson starred in a 1994 movie called Maverick.

EA Motive's Star Wars Title, Project Maverick, Might be Revealed ...
Project Maverick is the EA Motive’s new Star Wars game title.

And guess what, “Project Maverick” is the name of the upcoming Star Wars game. It was already leaked online back in March when a beta listing for the title appeared on the PlayStation Store in Europe. 

So, by connecting the dots, the reveal of the new Star Wars game seems inevitable.

But currently, it’s worth taking rumor or gossip with plenty of salt. The plans may change even if the original info was correct at one point in time.

Not a triple-A experience?

Star Wars : Jedi Fallen Order - YouTube
The upcoming Star Wars game won’t be as huge as Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order.

Above all, several reports suggest that the new Game will be a smaller and more unusual project set in a galaxy far, far away. So we can’t expect the Game to be on the same level as last year’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

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