“I LOVE YOU VALVE”: This New Steam Feature Is Enough to Solidify Its Position as the Ultimate Game Launcher of All Time

Valve might just have won everybody's heart with this new Steam Feature.



  • Steam remains as the most beloved game launcher/ storefront platform used by the players.
  • Valve, the developers of the said platform has added a new feature that has got everyone excited.
  • The new feature, known as Steam Game Recording, will help the player capture their gameplay flawlessly.
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Tired of recording your games on Steam through third-party applications? Well, you should not worry further, as Gabe Newell, the owner of Steam, has now come up with what is likely one of the best features ever introduced to the launcher used by millions around the world.


The new feature, while still in early development, is going to be a huge help to gamers in ways never imagined before. This reinforces why the game storefront from Valve remains the best one available out there.

Steam’s Latest Update to Their Launcher Proves Why They Are the Best in Business

Players now have a new way to capture their gameplay on Steam.
Players now have a new way to capture their gameplay on Steam.

The feature called Steam Game Recording is the latest addition to every player’s favorite launcher and will now allow them to record and share clippings of any game they are playing, as long as it is available on the platform.


For now, the offered services include the record, replay, and clip features when it comes to capturing gameplay. Saving to the preferred drive chosen by the player beforehand, these captures can then be conveniently shared with friends with a click of a button.

The announcement, as expected, is being received with much love by the fans, with many claiming that this is the exact reason why Valve has managed to remain at the very top for such a long time, being one of the few platforms that actually care about their user base.

As revealed through the official blog, the said services will also be made available on the Steam Deck handheld advice, even allowing the captures to be seamlessly shared between a PC, Deck, or a mobile phone through Steam’s official app.


How to Make Use of the Latest Valve Feature and Why It Is Better Than All the Other Alternatives

The new capture method will help gamers in the long run.
The new capture method will help gamers in the long run.

The newly introduced launcher ultimately puts existing alternatives, such as NVIDIA Shadowplay, to rest, permitting the player to make use of fewer resources available on their hardware by capturing them within the game launcher itself.

Using it remains child play, as once turned on, your gameplay will be automatically captured in the background as you go on to play. Alternatively, the player can also make use of a hotkey to manually turn on the recording.

Other quality-of-life elements include different markers throughout the whole timeline, added either manually or by the game itself. An example could be a marker added while running Counter-Strike 2, showcasing the timeframe when the bomb was planted on site or when a kill was done.

The said timeline will also be split into different sections, distinguished by their appearance and indicating what state the game was in at the time, such as sitting in the lobby, browsing the menu, or the actual gameplay. There will also be navigation controls available, allowing the viewer to jump between the events of the gameplay more efficiently.

Do you think there is a better alternative available to Valve’s recently introduced feature? Make sure to let us know about it in the comments below!

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