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New Transformers Movie Under Development With Director Angel Manuel Soto

While all the other studios are developing their prime movie franchises, Paramount wasn’t necessarily announcing anything major on their biggest moneymaker, i.e. Transformers. The Pandemic has really hit them hard as neither did they have an established streaming service, nor could they release films in the theatres. So, they had to continuously push films like Top Gun: Maverick and A Quite Place II continuously. Now, they are working on a Sonic the Hedgehog sequel, but we didn’t hear much about Transformers until now.

Transformers has been their Paramount and Hasbro’s prime franchise, but they’ve had to rethink their strategy ever since The Last Knight failed. Bumblebee did manage to give Paramount a new beginning, but they just couldn’t follow it up soon enough. A 7th film featuring the Autobots was put under development with director Stephen Caple Jr. just a short while back. But that isn’t the only Transformers film coming at us.

The News

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Paramount is developing another Transformers movie with director Angel Manuel Soto. He recently directed the teen drama, Charm City Kings. Now, he is set to take on the next changing robots feature based on writer Marco Ramirez’s script. But, THR’s report suggests that “the project is being developed apart from the universe of the mainline of Transformers films that Paramount has been making since 2007.”

The reason you need to be excited about this film is because of Marco Ramirez. He was the showrunner of Netflix’s The Defenders, and also worked on major series such as FX’s Sons of Anarchy and Netflix’s Daredevil. So, bagging him is a major plus for Paramount. Hopefully, they will be able to deliver something fresh from this franchise, especially after the 7th film which is also under development.

Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Don Murphy, and Tom DeSanto have acted as producers of the Transformers films in the past. So, it is expected that they will be producing this new feature as well. Let’s wait and see how long this entry going to take. Till then, follow us for more entertainment coverage on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Letterboxd.