New Wonder Woman 1984 Image Released


Fandango took fans by surprise as they released a new image for Wonder Woman 84 on their twitter page.

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The new Wonder Woman movie is part of the upcoming slate in comic book films this year joining Black Widow, Eternals, and Birds of Prey.


Fandango appears to be excited for the upcoming film as this new image was released for its most anticipated movies of 2020 with Wonder Woman 84 topping the list.

WW1984 2

The new image shows Wonder Woman holding a criminal by the leg as she looks to the camera and makes an “shhh” finger motion. Since it is a teaser image, the context behind this is unclear at this time.


Fans suspect that this image was meant to show that Wonder Woman 84 will be a more lighthearted movie than its predecessor or this picture is simply a joke from the Wonder Woman cast and crew.

Whatever the case, people are interested to see how this new image will be included in the movie if it’s not just a promotional pic.


It is not just this image however that gained the fans interest but the new trailer released a few weeks ago as well which has gained lot of praise as fans were treated to first looks of the new outfit and the villain cheetah.

However, at the same time fans were left with intrigue as to how Steve Trevor has returned despite his death in the first Wonder Woman movie.


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In any case, with the trailer, as well as the new image from Fandango, it is safe to say that fans are excited and intrigued. With it being only January and Wonder Woman 84 being released on June 5, 2020, it is also safe to say that the hype has only begun.


What do you want to see in Wonder Woman 1984? What do you think of this new image? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below!


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