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Microsoft Reveals New Xbox Controller Color That’s Perfect For Starfield Fans

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Within a week, Microsoft has successfully released one of the most anticipated titles of the year, Starfield, and revealed a new Xbox Controller in a color that is absolutely perfect for fans of Bethesda’s latest space RPG. It truly is a great time to be a Microsoft fan, regardless of whether you game on your Xbox or PC, because, just like Starfield, the new controller can be also pre-ordered for both platforms.

The new Astral Purple Xbox Wireless Controller, as the name suggests, looks stunningly fitting for players who like to take off on adventures across vast galaxies.

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The Astral Purple Xbox Controller Is Available for Pre-Order

Microsoft goes into space with its new Astral Purple Xbox Controller, which can be pre-ordered now.
Microsoft goes into space with its new Astral Purple Xbox Controller, which can be pre-ordered now.

Since the launch of the Xbox Series X/S consoles, their controllers have received various color updates, and for the past three years, Microsoft has ensured that everyone in its gaming community has the right aesthetic options available to them.

Although the Xbox Series X/S controllers don’t look too different from their Xbox One predecessors, the new shape and the convenient share button are pretty great additions.

If you like to take screenshots or record videos of your gameplay seamlessly, the share button on the Xbox Controller is phenomenal, even though taking accidental screenshots is one of its glaring issues because of how easy it is to access the option.

Although there were only a few controller options to choose from when the Xbox Series X/S launched in 2020, there has been quite a rapid growth in the number of choices and colors that fans can now opt to buy.

Looking absolutely ethereal with its dark purple and black color scheme, along with a white back, the latest addition to the wide range of Microsoft’s controllers is the wonderful Astral Purple Xbox Controller.

It doesn’t seem like the new controller has any new features, but it includes everything previous Xbox controllers have had, now in a very aesthetically pleasing dark purple.

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How Much Does the New Astral Purple Xbox Controller Cost?

The new Astral Purple Xbox Controller is scheduled to launch later this month on September 19.
The new Astral Purple Xbox Controller is scheduled to launch later this month on September 19.

If you’re looking to expand your controller collection by adding the Astral Purple Xbox Controller to it, you should know that it can be pre-ordered now for $64.99.

Moreover, the new controller is officially going to be released on September 19, so gamers who don’t like pre-ordering should be able to readily get it both at physical and digital stores. As mentioned before, there are also various other Xbox Series X/S controller options that fans can get instead.

In fact, the Xbox Controller is available in seven vibrant colors, along with some dedicated special editions. These range from specific promotional themes, such as for huge video game titles, to a couple of creatively original designs.

The best part is that Xbox players aren’t limited by this variety of choices, as they also have the option of creating their own customized controllers, so their gaming experiences can be as personalized as possible.

In case you were unaware, Microsoft offers an Xbox Design Lab, through which it gives its players the freedom to literally make their own controllers by throwing in their desired colored schemes or text.

This is super convenient for gamers who’re not satisfied with the official Xbox Controller selection that Microsoft has put together and want to get just the right controller that fits them perfectly.

Will you be getting the new Astral Purple Xbox Controller? What has been your favorite Xbox controller so far? Let us know in the comments!

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