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New Xbox Series X Logo Revealed

X Box Series X

Finally, there might be some good news for Xbox lovers. The new logo of Series ‘X’ has been noticed, and it will blow away your mind. The report of Xbox Series ‘X’ console might be around the corner due to an indication by Microsoft.


The new Xbox logo launched recently at the trademark Office
The New Logo!

Microsoft a few days ago initiated the process to file a trademark application for the logo of ‘Series X.’ The filing process took place on the 16th of April. The company filed for the logo at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. 


The features of the Series X!

But it would be too early to predict whether the logo is for new version of Xbox or some other thing. A final confirmation needs to come from Xbox regarding the same. However, until then, we can hope that the good news turns out to be true. The new logo filed recently looks super awesome. 

However, there are chances that the logo application might not be genuine. 
The coming weeks will decide whether the logo is the final one for Xbox or not. Similar to PlayStation 5, the new series by Xbox is also set to hit the market by this year’s end.


Xbox Series X and PS5 all set to hit stores by the year end
New Launches On its Way!

The exact date, however, remains uncertain. Apart from this, Microsoft is also set to launch another low-end product known as the next-gen Xbox. 
The current situation might be delays in the manufacturing process.

The coronavirus pandemic may pose some obstacles in the launch of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. However, as far as the messages from these companies reveal, the launch will be on track and as scheduled.

Though some parts of the world are experiencing lockdown, China seems to be back on track.

Here’s a short overview of what can be expected from the New Xbox Series:

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