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Newcomer Jayme Lawson Cast In ‘The Batman’

According to Collider, Jayme Lawson has just struck gold with her first big acting role in Matt Reeves’ The Batman. The only question we have is who she’ll be playing. Currently, her role is a secret and fans can’t help but wonder why this unknown talent’s part is being teased.

Lawson just graduated from Julliard and the only role listed on her IMDb page is for The Batman. Without much on her portfolio, the young actress must have thoroughly impressed the casting team.

Curiosity is only heightened by the fact that other roles have been announced for big-name actors. Jeffrey Wright will be Commissioner Gordon, Zoë Kravitz is Catwoman, and Paul Dano is the Riddler. Why is this new role kept secret?

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Who will she play in ‘The Batman’?

We may not know much, but theories are already circulating. With Jim Gordon now portrayed as an African-American, it would make sense for Barbara Gordon, otherwise known as Batgirl, to follow suit.

A younger Amanda Waller is another possibility, or maybe a romantic interest for Bruce Wayne. Whatever her part is, we’re confident it won’t be a brief one. This much attention and secrecy wouldn’t be built up for something small.

DC has a history of risky casting

It may be a gamble to cast someone this early in their career for such a big project, but Warner Bros. and DC aren’t known for playing it safe. Casting Robert Pattinson as the Dark Knight was controversial in of itself and their entire history has been no different.

Some of these choices have paid off (Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight, Michael Keaton in Batman), while others were met with poor responses (Jesse Eisenberg in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Jared Leto in Suicide Squad).

However, DC seems to be on course correction lately. Shazam! was a surprise hit and Joker became the most profitable comic-book film of all-time.

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We at Fandomwire wish Jayme Lawson congratulations and best of luck on this new mystery role. We’re excited to see what it is and what you’ll do with it!

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