Join a diverse and professional team of entertainment fans dedicated to delivering content to millions! This is a PAID POSITION, please contact us for payment details. This is not exclusively open to U.S. or Canadian residents, but it is preferred. Please read ALL the details of the position that we have listed below. Thank you!


  • Gather relevant and timely entertainment industry news topics for use in the newsletter
  • Content must be original, and a minimum of 400 words with all SEO and organizational details completed as instructed.
  • Must be proficient with English (U.S. preferred) grammar and punctuation.
  • Basic understanding of Wordpress and Mailchimp.
  • Be able to write a minimum of three newsletters per week
  • Have proficient communication skills.
  • Meet the formatting requirements set by the editors.


  • Receive pay for each published newsletter you’ve written. (At the end of every month)
  • Eligible for free access to various events including but not limited to conventions, press junkets, press screenings, as well as movie and tv premieres.
  • Exposure as well as experience to further your career in journalism.
  • It’s fun!