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Newspapers Across America Continue to Drop Iconic Comic Strip ‘Dilbert’ Following Creator Scott Adams’ Viral Racist Rant Demanding White People Stop Helping African-Americans

Newspapers Across America Continue to Drop Iconic Comic Strip ‘Dilbert’ Following Creator Scott Adams' Viral Racist Rant Demanding White People Stop Helping African-Americans

Scott Adams is a famous American author and cartoonist. Born in 1957, his most famous work is his creation, Dilbert. His work was printed in over 2000 newspapers in various languages and was a major ongoing comic in the early 2000s. Adams also runs a podcast, Coffee with Scott Adams, where he brings on honored guests and indulges in various conversations with them. Though he is a very accomplished man, his one statement got him canceled from social media, and his Dilbert was dropped from a majority of the newspapers due to his racial comments against the African-American community.

 Dilbert creator Scott Adams
Dilbert creator Scott Adams

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Scott Adams’ Racist Comments Against African-Americans

Scott Adams on his YouTube channel Real Coffee with Scott Adams, uploaded an hour-long video talking about various topics, but the headlight of the video was that he openly conversed about his hatred of the African-American community and how ‘white’ people should get away from them and distance themselves from the negativity that the ‘black’ people share. In his hour-long YouTube video, he talked about a poll that showed that black people portrayed their negative side to them. He shared,

“That’s the hate group, and I don’t want anything to want with them. And I would say based on the current way things are going, the best advice I would give to white people – is to get the hell away from black people, just get the f*ck away. Wherever you have to go, just get away”

Scott Adams with Dilbert
Scott Adams with Dilbert

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Adams further shared that this current situation cannot be fixed and they should distance themselves from the other race. He continued that he has already implemented his ideology and moved to a neighborhood that has a low percentage of black population. Scott Adams later in the video claims that it does not make sense and it is not rational anymore for the dominant white citizens of the country to help the African-American citizens. Adams addressed his 120k subscribers that they should stop helping the black community because it does nothing and tells them to fix their problems themselves instead of constantly getting help from others.

Scott Adams’ Comic Dilbert Gets Cancelled at Multiple Newspapers

After Scott Adams’ racial comments in his video addressed towards African-Americans, his most famous work, Dilbert is being dropped from almost all the newspapers that it came on. Even the major production houses are cutting their ties with Adams. America’s biggest publisher, Gannett announced that they will renounce their contract with the ongoing comic show “effective immediately”.

Even after all this has happened, Adams has no intention of backing down or apologizing for his critically racist comments as he uploaded another statement conveying,

A lot of people are angry with me, but I haven’t heard anyone disagree. I make two main points, 1. Treat everyone as an individual (no discrimination). 2. Avoid any group that doesn’t respect you.”

Scott Adams with some Dilbert maniquens
Scott Adams with some Dilbert mannequins

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This is not the first time Scott Adams has been canceled for his involvement in today’s culture as previously his comic was redacted from multiple newspapers for his hate comment towards the “wokeness” that has been going on. Now Dilbert has already been dropped by more than 80 newspapers and the count is rapidly rising as many of the paper’s editorials, and views do not match with those of Adams.

Source: Real Coffee with Scott Adams

Written by Rajdeep Majumder

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