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“Next James Bond should be Henry Cavill”: Fans Not Happy as Bullet Train Star Aaron Taylor-Johnson Most Likely to Become New 007

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With the current changes going on around megastar Henry Cavill, the actor seems to be on the edge of losing one more franchise. The race to become the next James Bond seems to be on the final lap, with Aaron Taylor-Johnson seemingly ready to overtake at the last moment.

British actor, Aaron Taylor-Johnson reportedly met with the producers of the James Bond franchise in hopes to be cast as the next 007 agent. Following the harshness that Henry Cavill had to watch in 2022, the fans cried their support for the Man of Steel actor.

Henry Cavill gets support from fans for James Bond's role.
Henry Cavill gets support from fans for James Bond’s role.

Henry Cavill, James Bond, And Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Following the release of No Time To Die, the James Bond franchise paid tribute to Daniel Craig who retired from the franchise. With Craig out of the equation, the race for actors wanting to be the next James Bond was in effect, which included some very popular names.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Bullet Train (2022).
Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Bullet Train (2022).

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Henry Cavill and Idris Elba were the top contenders for portraying the MI-6 agent, with Cavill finding more support from the fans. Idris Elba on the other hand denied every claim that he wanted to portray the role of James Bond, which made the people even happier for Henry Cavill.

The recent news touched the nerves of the people since it was reported that Aaron Taylor-Johnson, recently seen in Bullet Train, met with the producers of the James Bond franchise. It was reported that the actor met with Barbara Brocolli to discuss taking over the role of James Bond.

Although good for the actor, the people felt deeply hurt as they once again rallied around Henry Cavill along with some calling for Idris Elba and/or Michael Fassbender.

Unconfirmed as of now, Aaron Taylor-Johnson could very well be hired for the role of a villain or another prominent character in the movie. Seeing the reception and support for these notable actors, it would also be a tough choice for the producers of the franchise. Along with the mentioned, the fans are also supporting the likes of Tom Hardy, Jamie Dornan, and Richard Madden for the role.

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2022 Was One of The Worst Years For Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill had 2022 as one of his worst years.
Henry Cavill had 2022 as one of his worst years.

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2022 became the birth year of the newly found DC Universe (DCU), and Henry Cavill was offered a golden seat back into this newly created universe. Following the much-loved cameo in Black Adam, DC Studios decided to focus on a more younger Superman and fire Cavill from the DCU in the process.

Henry Cavill also had a fallout with showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich of The Witcher, when she did not wish to stick to the lore of the books. In the end, Henry Cavill made his own universe based on the popular game Warhammer 40,000, which will create a whole new universe according to the wishes of The Witcher actor. Although unconfirmed, it is apparent that the people want Henry Cavill as their next James Bond. It remains up to the producers of the franchise to deal with the people while also maintaining their franchise.

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